5 Best Ways to Delete Old Tweets

Best Ways to Delete Old Tweets. Sometimes, after seeing some of your old social media posts, you may wish you had posted it all. 

We always have the option to delete, but not every social network offers the option to view and delete old messages

. For example, you can delete bulk posts on Facebook, but is it possible on Twitter? I don’t think Twitter has such a feature. So let’s find out in this guide how you can delete your old tweets.

Ways to delete old tweets, retweets

If you want to delete a tweet, you can do it manually by going to that tweet. But in case of multiple and old tweets, you will have to use some third party services. Read on to learn more about these websites and extensions to delete tweets.

Delete tweets manually

You can send your Tweets from Twitter at any time using the built-in delete feature. Here’s how:

1. Go to your profile page on the web or the Twitter mobile app.

2. Now find the tweet you want to delete.

3. Click the icon with three dots next to it.

Ways to delete old tweets, retweets

4. Then select Delete from the menu that appears.

Ways to delete old tweets, retweets

Thus, you can remove any tweet from your profile. However, this method is very time consuming and it is not easy to find all the old tweets and then delete them one by one. So, you can use the following third-party services.

Use tweetDelete

TweetDelete is a free online tool that allows you to bulk delete old tweets. You can even set a time and text filter to remove all your old tweets. Here’s how to use the TweetDelete tool:

1. Open TweetDelete.net in any browser of your choice.

2. Now click “Login with Twitter”.

Ways to delete old tweets, retweets

3. If you are already logged into Twitter in the same browser, it will automatically retrieve your profile data.

4. Click “Authorize Application” and you will be taken to a page where you can delete tweets.

Ways to delete old tweets, retweets

5. Here, select the age of the tweets from one week to one year. You can also enter a specific word or phrase so that a Tweet containing those words can be deleted.

7. At the end, click “Delete my tweets”.


  • Has options to delete tweets older than one week up to one year.
  • Can delete tweets containing a specific word or phrase.
  • Can automatically delete tweets every few days.


  • You can only delete up to 3200 of your latest tweets.


TweetDeleter is another online tool that allows you to search and delete tweets. Interestingly, you can also distinguish old tweets on it. You can search for old tweets by keyword, date, media, and more. Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to tweetdeleter.com in your browser and click “Login with Twitter”.

2. If you are already logged in on the same browser, your details will be loaded, otherwise enter your login details.

3. Then click “Authorize Application”.

4. You will now be redirected to your dashboard where you can see all your tweets and retweets.

5. Here you can search for old tweets and delete them by clicking the boxes in front of them.

You can also set up automatic deletion as well as view deleted tweets that you have saved in the app.


  • Can automatically delete tweets and likes
  • Search for tweets and likes by keyword, date and media
  • Save deleted tweets


  • The free version allows you to delete up to five tweets and only search for five free keywords per month.


TwitWipe is another such app that allows you to delete all tweets, retweets, likes, replies, media and mentions from your Twitter account. Your followers, as well as tweets in which others mentioned you, will remain as they are.

Here’s how to use this service to delete tweets:

1. Go to twitwipe.com on your PC.

2. Now click “Get Started” and then “Login with Twitter”.

3. Finally, click the TwitWipe This Account button to delete all tweets in your account.


  • Can delete all tweets from an account at once.
  • You can also delete retweets, likes and media files.


  • Advertising in the user interface.
  • Can’t see your deleted tweets.

Bonus tip: remove other people’s retweets from your feed

When you follow someone on Twitter, you can also see that they are retweeting. But if you’re not interested in seeing other accounts’ retweets, you can use this “Delete Retweets” extension that can filter retweets from your timeline.

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and install the Delete Retweets extension.

2. Once added to Chrome, open your Twitter account and then click on the little puzzle icon to activate the extension.

3. When the Delete Retweets extension opens, enter the username of the Twitter account whose retweets you want to delete.

That’s all. You can add multiple usernames to the extension and it will filter out all retweets from their accounts.

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