Best Ways to Earn $100 a Day


With the rapid increase in the dollar rate , the interest of investors and entrepreneurs in our country to earn dollars has reached the highest level. Even earning a few dollars provides a serious income at the end of the month. Therefore, you can operate for various business ideas in order to earn Dollars.

As of 2021, the minimum wage in Turkey has fallen below $300. For this reason, an entrepreneur who finds a way to earn even 10 dollars a day will earn more than the monthly minimum wage. Moreover, earning 10 dollars a day is not as difficult as you think. You can earn Dollars and Euros with little effort.

With the rapid development of the internet, you can use the methods of earning dollars online.

Best Ways to Earn $100 a Day

1. Google Adsense

Potential: 9/10


One of the easiest ways to earn $100 a day is to add ads to your website through Google Adsense . If you have a blog site that attracts visitors; It is not difficult to reach this income.

You only need to register to earn money from Google Adsense. Then Google gives you a piece of code and you add it to your blog. Then, as visitors click on the ads, Google starts paying you. Applying with a website with an average of one thousand visitors; It will make it easier for you to get approval.

2. Sponsored Post

Potential: 8/10

For those who have a blog that attracts visitors, it is among the unique methods to earn $ 100 and more per day. It is one of the easiest ways to earn dollars, especially as a website owner with foreign visitors.

After successfully creating the ADVERTISING part of your website in a foreign language; Do not forget to provide a quick response to incoming mails. In addition, to find sponsored posts, you can also reach other sites similar to your website via e-mail.

For example, if you have a blog site on furniture ideas, you can send your advertisement proposal to companies that sell furniture.

3. Affiliate

Potential: 10/10

One of the ways we recommend the most to those who want to earn 100 dollars every day is affiliate marketing. As with domestic e-commerce sites, almost all e-commerce platforms abroad, including Amazon and Ebay, have sales partnerships . By signing up for these, you can join affiliate platforms and earn commissions from any purchase you mediate.

It is a benevolent method especially for those who are active in social media and have a small audience that can direct people .

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4. Freelance Writing

Potential: 6/10

It is a valid method only for those who know enough to write text in the language of one of the countries that use dollars. If you do not have a foreign language, unfortunately you missed this good opportunity.

The freelance writing system abroad is very developed. There are tens of thousands of platforms that host experts in all kinds of subjects and request payment. To discover them, simply search for the topics you are most interested in and reach the major websites. Even just one email is often enough to get you accepted as a freelance writer.

5. Filling a Questionnaire

Potential: 6/10

By being included in many foreign survey sites, you can earn close to $100 per day. You cannot earn this amount from a single survey site, but there is no limit to how many survey sites you can participate in.

Questionnaires are among the successful methods for those who can understand the questions and answers in English. Fill out surveys to earn money and choose the payment method that suits you.

You can discover the best survey sites by browsing the Fill Survey Earn Money guide.

6. Dropshopping

Potential: 10/10

It is one of the great ways to not only earn $100 a day, but also make you rich. Dropshopping is among the business ideas in which there is a serious competition in itself. Therefore, it is more difficult to earn money than before.

The most important thing you should do is; is to mediate their sales by discovering products that can be sold. You can also use your own e-commerce site. It is recommended that you do extensive research, especially on cheap advertising methods.

If you are going to carry out the process in Turkey, the Ad Sites guide may be of interest to you.

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7. Online Course

Potential: 7/10

If you are proficient in English to teach people on a variety of subjects, one of the best ways to make money is to create an online course. You can create courses on platforms like Udemy and earn money at the currency level.

With the Covid process, a serious orientation to such platforms has begun. Best times to enter the industry!

8. Youtuberlik

Potential: 8/10

You can earn more than $100 a day by making great videos that can appeal to foreigners. Today, you can examine that many Youtubers who only make a few videos a month live in great wealth. The most important process you need to do is to make watchable videos instead of focusing on making money. Once you manage to shoot the right videos, earnings will follow.

If you need help making money from Youtube , we recommend that you take a look at our How to Make Money from Youtube guide.

9. Photo Sale

Potential: 8/10

Although it is one of the unique methods to earn Turkish Lira, it is a much larger sector for foreigners. In general, photographs have no language. So it’s a global way to make money and you don’t need to know English most of the time.

It is definitely recommended for those who know how to take successful and remarkable photos. Getting into the industry is not difficult. You just need to have a professional camera. The process can then be advanced in a not too difficult way.

To start making money by selling photos, you can find the details in the Selling Photos guide.

10. Investment Tools

Potential: x/10

It is a money making method where your potential to make losses is very strong rather than its potential. Stocks, cryptocurrencies and similar investment instruments involve significant risk. However, there is no risk in foreign currency interest, bonds and similar fund investment instruments. If you aim to protect your money against inflation or to increase it at a relatively higher level; You can earn more than $100 per day with investment tools.

Which of the investment instruments you decide to invest in; Do not forget to take courses for a few months in the training programs on the relevant subject. Be aware of the risk!


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