The 6 Best Zombie Games You Must Play!

Zombie games are some of the favorites of players all over the world. Meet 25 of the best best zombie games in the genre now, ranging from PC classics to legendary Resident Evil. Prepare your weapons, collect your resources and spend hours playing games from our list below!

Zombie games have invaded the mobile world and for the joy of zombie fans (like me) we have several options to download, from children’s games to the most realistic ones, even on cell phones. 

Well, many may think that they are exclusive to consoles and computers, in which there is a huge list of zombie games like: Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil and The Last of Us, but this is far from being the case. 

This is a list of the best zombie games that work on both Android and iOS devices, check it out below:

The Best Zombie Games

1. Dawn of Zombies: Survival

In Dawn of Zombies: Survival you create your doll according to your style. Afterwards, you control your character around the map in search of supplies that will help you survive and housing so as not to be attacked. 

During the game, you must do a series of actions to strengthen yourself, such as collecting firewood, buying materials from other characters and killing zombies or other survivors to solve some mysteries of the different maps. 

With the collected materials, you can build weapons, artifacts and even improve the quality of your fortress. At the beginning of the game, you seem to be alone, but during gameplay, you will be able to find other characters that can help you. 

The RPG is very reminiscent of the other zombie game available on mobile devices called Last Day on Earth.

2. Zombie Catchers

This is one of my favorites. Deca Games is a side scrolling game where you control an intergalactic businessman who hunts zombies to make juice and profit in a post-apocalyptic world. 

That’s right, a little crazy isn’t it? Here’s how the game works: You go to a map where drones locate zombies nearby, so you and your business partner go to get ingredients to make these delicious juices. 

With the help of a jetpack to move around the map, you must attract the zombies that are underground to the surface, using a brain as bait. So when they come out of the ground, you can capture them with a harpoon, a net, or ground traps. 

Once hunted, you can mash them into juice and sell to the rest of the planet’s population that passes through the drive thru. During the game you must still face bosses and complete missions to receive rewards and coins. 

Click here to download Zombie Catchers on Android or here to install it on iOS.

3. The Walking Dead: Survivors

We’ve already done a story about the recent release of The Walking Dead: Survivors here on VC over a month ago. 

For those who don’t know, the new game inspired by the series for Android and iOS officially arrived on 12/04, passing the house of 5 million downloads only on the Play Store so far. 

In this strategy game, you must defend your fortresses from zombie attacks and other rival groups. So, during gameplay to survive, you must collect supplies, grow food, explore maps, train your survivors, and even join a clan to face the original villain from the Negan series. 

In addition to the villain, some familiar faces from the famous TV series are present in the game, such as: the protagonist Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Hershel and many others. Enjoyed The Walking Dead: Survivors? Access the Play Store or theApp Store to install it.

4. Into the Dead

As we see in the image above, Into the Dead is a zombie game for mobile in first person, where you must dodge or shoot the zombies that appear in front of you. 

During the endless run, you find supplies to help you score higher scores, meaning the more you can run without getting killed by zombies, the more points you get. 

This way, you also participate in competitions that show the ranking of other players. In the game, you still have missions like “kill so many zombies” or “run so many meters” and you can even have the help of a dog to get rid of the zombies that appear on the map. 

Of all the games we talk about here, Into the Dead is the one with the most realistic graphics. The game was released in 2012 and won the sequel 5 years later with Into the Dead 2. Download Into the Dead on youriOS or on your Android.

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5. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami was very successful a few years ago, especially when it was released for mobiles (in 2012). The game is in the infinite run style of side scrolling, being the only one in this flat where you control a zombie. 

So your objective is to infect other people who are on the way, to be part of the zombie tsunami, so you control the horde, collecting coins earning points and bonuses. 

You still face some obstacles on the way that can make it difficult, causing you to lose some members of the zombie gang. In Zombie Tsunami you lose when there is no zombie left to control.

6. The Last of Us (2013)

Platforms: PS3 and PS4

There’s no way to talk about best zombie games without talking about The Last of Us. Mainly because this game is more than a game about killing the undead. With a mechanic focused on strategic action and stealth, in addition to bringing zombies that require unique approaches, we can safely say that this is the best game of its kind.

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