20 Countries With The Fastest Internet

How satisfied are we with the internet we use in our country? Do you think your internet is fast? Well, when you see the internet speeds of other countries, you will see how low the speeds we use the internet are. 

In fact, there are such countries that we have never heard of, and countries located in a geography that we do not even know, can access the Internet many times faster than our country.

What Is The Worldwide Average Internet Speed?

Many sites that we know that measure internet performance are interested in this job. Speedtest internet speed measurement platform, the most well-known and the most actively used globally, updated the list of countries with the fastest internet by comparing both mobile and fixed internet speed data of March 2022 . 

As a result of the analyzes made, we see that the average mobile internet speed in the world is 29.96 Mbps and the average fixed internet speed is 62.52 Mbps .

Ranking Our Country In The World Ranking

According to the March 2022 data, according to the Speedtest’s statement, our country was able to find a place far behind in the world rankings.

Turkey was ranked 62nd with 30.48 Mbps in average mobile internet speed, as our eyes are at the very bottom of the list. 

The average upload speed in our country is reported as 12.52Mbps, while the delay time (ping) value is announced as 25ms.

Our average stable internet speed was 29.08 Mbps, and we were able to find ourselves in the 101st place, quite behind in the ranking. 

The average upload speed in Turkey, on the other hand, is 5.69 Mbps, which is not a heartwarming value. On the other hand, the delay time is calculated with an average of 9ms in our country. 

While we are saddened by the fact that we benefit from the internet at such low speeds compared to other countries in the internet age, the fiber infrastructure works that are developing in our country continue at full speed. 

It is obvious that with these investments made in the coming years, our average internet speeds will be different than the previous data.

Let’s see, based on the March Speedtest data of Ookla, which countries can benefit more from how fast the internet is in both mobile rankings and fixed internet rankings at average speeds.

Countries With The Fastest Internet

According to the data of March, the countries with the fastest internet are in the first three rankings; United Arab Emirates ranks first with 135.35 Mbps in mobile data rate. 

This country is followed by Norway with 134.73 Mbps mobile speed and Qatar with 120.69 Mbps mobile data rate, respectively. In fixed internet speed data, Singapore ranks first with 197.97 Mbps, followed by Chile with a fixed line speed of 197.28 Mbps and Thailand with a fixed internet speed of 187.80 Mbps in third place.

20 Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

  1. United Arab Emirates: 135.35
  2. Norway: 134.73
  3. Qatar: 120.69
  4. South Korea: 117.95
  5. Netherlands: 108.33
  6. Denmark: 105.65
  7. Saudi Arabia: 102.79
  8. Kuwait: 96.23
  9. Bulgaria: 87.51
  10. Croatia: 86.48
  11. China: 83.43
  12. Luxembourg: 82.85
  13. Switzerland: 82.29
  14. Australia: 76.52
  15. Cyprus: 75.48
  16. Canada: 75.18
  17. Sweden: 73.61
  18. Brunei: 71,38
  19. Finland: 71.23
  20. Singapore: 67.99

20 Countries With The Fastest Fixed Internet Speed

  1. Singapore: 197.97
  2. Chile: 197.28
  3. Thailand: 187.80
  4. Denmark: 170.38
  5. Hong Kong: 161.93
  6. Monaco: 158.56
  7. Makao: 157,97
  8. ABD: 151,46
  9. China: 151.34
  10. Spain: 136.67
  11. Romania: 131.96
  12. Liechtenstein: 125.84
  13. Japan: 122.48
  14. New Zealand: 119.72
  15. Switzerland: 119.68
  16. Portugal: 110.66
  17. Canada: 110.13
  18. France: 108.60
  19. United Arab Emirates: 107.98
  20. South Korea: 106.74

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