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Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used instant messager application in the world today. This application that has been acquired by Facebook is very popular with Android and iPhone users because of its convenience and complete features.

However, there is the Whatsapp MOD apk application which has much more complete features than the usual (original) Whatsapp.

Whatsapp MOD is a modified Whatsapp application. It can be said, this application was built from Whatsapp, but added various other interesting features that are certainly much more complete than the original Whatsapp.

What is WhatsApp Mod?

WhatsApp mod is an abbreviation of WhatsApp Mod. This is a whatsapp application developed by the developers by adding some useful additional features.

For this reason, usually WhatsApp mod apk can only be downloaded on Google or third-party websites and are not available in official stores such as Playstore and Appstore. When this article was written, there were already dozens of WhatsApp mod applications from various developers around the world. Between one and another must have characteristics and distinguishing features, but in general the features have similarities.

WhatsApp Mod Features

In general, there are differences between whatsapp mod and official whatsapp. Here is the comparison table

FeatureWA MODWA Official
Fitur StalkingOfNot
Change whatsapp themeOfNot
Download other people’s statusOfNot
Long video status, up to 7 minutesOfNot
Upload HD quality status (not blurry and broken)OfNot
Hide online statusOfNot
Hide last seen statusOfOf
Features stay onlineOfNot
The feature of seeing other people’s status without being seenOfNot
Long status updates, up to 256 charactersOfNot
Message scheduling featureOfNot
Automatic message and broadcast featuresOfNot
Auto reply messageOfNot
View recalled messagesOfNot
The feature of hiding writing while typingOfNot
The feature of hiding text is recording audioOfNot
Remove Blue TickOfOf
Send large files, more than 60 MBOfNot

The advantages of WhatsApp Mod compared to the Official Version

The latest wa mod offers several advantages over the official version of WhatsApp, including:

  • Complete stalking feature
  • Can maintain privacy better
  • Clear and HD status quality
  • Various versions available
  • Large selection of themes and customization
  • Can be dual accounts and used together with the official version
  • Can add multiple group members
  • More stickers and emoticons
  • Can lock with fingerprint or pattern pin
  • Sending many files with large size

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Mod

However, because it is not official, of course there are shortcomings that whatsapp mod has, because it was developed by developers who are small teams or individuals, unlike the official version developed by large companies. Among others…

1. There are often bugs

One of the classic problems with mod applications (not just whatsapp) is that errors often occur. This is natural because whatsapp mod is a modification, which contains many features, but sometimes these features interfere with the stability of the application.

2. Update must be manual (Without Auto Update)

Because it’s not in the playstore, we can’t update automatically. We have to check and download the latest version regularly. You can go through the wa mod settings or on the developer’s official site.

3. Prone to piracy and wiretapping

Because it was developed by a third party, WhatsApp mod is prone to piracy and eavesdropping. So you should consider if you often do important things on whatsapp.

4. Prone to getting banned

The thing that most WhatsApp mod apk users complain about is being banned by WhatsApp. This is because if we use the non-official version, it will harm WhatsApp. The banners given range from temporarily banned to permanently banned.

However, for those of you who like modifications and full features of whatsapp mod, here I will give some brief reviews and download links for the latest whatsapp mod from various developers. Choose the one you think is the coolest!

List of WhatsApp Mod Apk Download Links Latest Version (Update)

There are so many versions of whatsapp mod circulating on the internet, but this time I will share the 20 best and most widely used whatsapp mods today, starting from the first order…

1. GB WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp is one of the pioneers of WhatsApp modification. This is the most popular and most widely used version today. This is because the developers who made it are experienced and supported by a large community. If you are new to WhatsApp mod, I recommend trying GB WhatsApp first because GB WhatsApp has fast updates and minimal bugs.


  • Full features
  • Fast update support
  • Well known for being stable and lightweight
  • Less risk of getting banned
  • Wide community

2. WhatsApp+ Plus

Like gb wa, whatsapp plus is also one of the well-known developers who have long developed a modified version of whatsapp. This application was developed by refalete and is famous for its anti-ban feature. The features are quite complete and it looks similar to the official version. However, we can change the theme that can be downloaded in the settings.


  • Fitur anti banned
  • Small size and light weight
  • Many theme choices
  • Customization features
  • Stable
  • Regular Update Support

3. YOWhatsApp

Yo whatsapp is a whatsapp mod apk made by yousef and continued development by a developer named fouad mokdad. He is an FMWhatsapp developer which is also a mod version of WhatsApp. The advantage of this wa mod is that its features are super-super complete, you will definitely enjoy it and it is suitable for those of you who like to experiment.


  • Super complete and many features
  • Still supported and developed today
  • Popular among whatsapp mod lovers

4. FMWhatsApp

Whatsapp was developed by the same person, namely Fouad Mokdad. Many liked it because it used to provide a hello kitty theme which was liked by women. Apart from this theme, there are thousands of other themes to try.


  • Lots of interesting themes
  • Features quite complete
  • Have good compatibility

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