Epic Games Discount Advice – 2021

Epic Games, which makes players like themselves by giving away free games every week, also keeps gamers happy with the discounts it makes throughout the year. As Epic Games approaches the end of the year, Epic Games has once again managed to grab attention with its Amazing Friday discount. 

The discount rates created by the platform vary according to the game. But there are some that are quite extraordinary. In this content, we’ve rounded up games that you can add to your shopping cart during Epic Games discount days.

Epic Games discount rates range from 10% to 95%. Among them, there are also high-quality games called AAA. You can even find games releasing in 2021. If you’re ready now, let’s get started with our list of Epic Games discount suggestions.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is one of the zombie-themed games released in 2021. It is even referred to as Left 4 Dead 3. Because the same team made the game and it progresses in a structure reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead series. Epic Games reduced the price of the game from 249 TL to 174.30 TL by applying a 30% discount.

The graphics of the game are extremely beautiful. Even their music is quite impressive. But one of the most beautiful features of the game is that if you die in the game, everything is different when you respawn. So you can’t actually go by memorizing. A different scenario awaits you each time. In the meantime, you can also read our review content called Back 4 Blood: Fight Against Zombies that we have prepared for you before.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, which was released at the end of last year and there is still a lot of news about it, is one of the games you can enjoy with discounts. First, there was a lot of pressure for it to be released, then it was said that it would be better if it was not released due to the bugs in the game. However, the Cyberpunk front did not stay idle and tried to make the game better by constantly releasing updates.

Even if you do not plan to play Cyberpunk 2077, which is much more playable than when it first came out, you may want to buy it at a low price and keep it aside. With other updates to the game, the game will become even more enjoyable.

Epic Games has applied a 50% discount to this game and its price has decreased from 249 TL to 124.50 TL. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Red Dead Redemption 2

We do not know if there is anyone who does not know the game, but we thought it would be good to talk about it briefly. The story of the game takes place in America in the late 1800s. Our character named Arthur Morgan is committing robberies with the gang he is involved in. He is also the right-hand man of the gang leader. But in their last heist, things go a little wrong and the gang slowly begins to split. That’s where the real story begins. There is no action we are not in.

One of the best parts of the game is the high quality graphics. We have already included him in the list of Best Graphic Games . Red Dead Redemption 2 is on Epic Games’ discounted games list.

The game has been discounted by 50%. This beautiful game, which normally has a price tag of 299 TL, comes to 149.50 TL with a discount. If your wallet allows and you have not had a chance to play before, you should not miss this opportunity.

Days Gone

Another zombie-themed game released in 2021 is Days Gone. PlayStation players have experienced this game before. But Sony finally released it for gamers this year, considering PC gamers. The game actually tells us, like other zombie games, that we have to survive first. Indeed, we are fighting for it. We are trying to survive and we are trying to do the tasks given to us.

In terms of story, we can say that it has an interesting story that is not mediocre. Already, the first cinematic scene on the screen gives us the signals that a good scenario will come. Visually very satisfying.

If you want to buy this gripping and beautiful story game, it is currently 40% off. In other words, it goes down from 279 TL to 167.40 TL. If you want to know more about the game, you can read our Days Gone PC Edition Review content .

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia game attracted great attention especially in our country when it was first released. Even today, many players still put the game Mafia in the list of the best games they have played. When this interest was worldwide, 2K Games did not stay silent any longer and released the Definitive Edition version. In this way, players can play the same game they played in the past, this time with advanced graphics.

Our character, who worked as a taxi driver in the 1930s, finds himself in a series of chases as a result of two mafia members pointing guns at him while waiting in front of his car one night. Shortly after helping these mafia members escape, he finds himself in the organization himself. Moreover, he fulfills the duties assigned to him so well that we suddenly find ourselves as the right-hand man of the mafia boss.

Its gripping story draws you in while playing with its beautiful graphics. If you come from the first generation of the Mafia game, you can be very satisfied with better graphics without breaking away from the story. But those who will play the game for the first time should not be upset, a great gaming experience awaits you.

Currently, Epic Games has a 50% discount within the scope of Discount days and it has decreased from 259 TL to 129.50 TL. In addition, the Definitive Edition games of Mafia II and Mafia III games received a 67% discount, and each of these games was reduced to 16.17 TL. You may want to buy them too.

World War Z: Aftermath

A zombie-themed game released in 2021 is World War Z: Aftermath. Anyone who watched the movie World War Z or played the first game knows its story. An epidemic is emerging in the world and people are turning into zombies because of this epidemic.

A group of people both try to survive against these zombies and try to change and improve the existing order. The zombies in this game do not walk slowly like the zombies you know from The Walking Dead series. On the contrary, they move quite fast.

In the other game of the series, Aftermath, our goal is to reclaim the Vatican city and join forces with the survivors in Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula. Action is never lacking in the game. You have to constantly fight. In fact, it is a very suitable game to relieve stress.

Normally, it’s not a very expensive game. It is sold for 69 TL. However, it was 25% discounted and the price dropped to 51.75 TL. By the way, if you like games with zombies.

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Borderlands 3

Oyun dünyasının en iyi oyunlarından birisi olarak gösterilen Borderlands 2 oyunundan sonra sonunda Borderlands 3 de piyasadaki yerini aldı. Bir çizgi roman dergisinden çıkmışçasına görüntülere sahip olan oyun bir çeşit rol yapma oyunu. Oyunun amacı basit: Ateş edelim, adam vuralım, yağma yapalım!

Oyunu hiç oynamayanlar genelde grafiklere bakarak “Bu ne ya?” diyebilir. Fakat oyun aşırı derecede sürükleyici. Hem de bu tarz grafikler oyuna farklı bir hava katıyor. 2019 yılının sonunda çıkması rağmen hala daha aktif olarak oynayabileceğiniz bir oyun.

Normal şartlarda 309 TL gibi yüksek bir fiyat etiketine sahip. Fakat tam %75 indirime uğramış ve 77,25 TL’ye kadar inmiş. Eğer ki bu oyunu kütüphanenize eklemek isterseniz sakın geç kalmayın. Bugünlerde oyun dünyasında böyle indirimleri görmek gerçekten çok hoş.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Released late last year, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the last game of the new era AC series. In the game, our character named Eivor gets bored with the cold lands of the north and decides to sail to different places with his friend named Sigurd. The sails sailing towards British lands also open the door to brand new adventures for us.

We can say that it is the most different Assassin’s Creed game ever released. It is not possible to advance in secret in the game. Because the Vikings pulled their battle axes and officially said, “We’re coming!” He organizes raids shouting as if to say.

Oyun Ubisoft tarafından çıktığı için tahmin edebilirsiniz ki muazzam manzaralar sizi bekliyor. Hem hikayesi, hem bahsettiğimiz bu manzaralar hem de oynanışı oldukça keyif verici. Normal şartlarda 269 TL’ye satılan bu oyuna %50 indirim ile beraber 134,50 TL’den sahip olabilirsiniz.


Dünyada bir salgın var ve artık yok olma noktasına kadar gelinmiş. Yaşam Ağacı’nın kökleri ölüm saçıyor. Var olan son kabileler de bölünmeye başlamış. Her şeyin bu kadar kötü gitti bir yerde dünyanın kaderi resmen bizim ellerimizde. Ya dünyayı kurtaracağız ya da daha da kötüye hatta yok olup gitmesine göz yumacağız.

In such an environment, as a mutant, we will use our weapons when appropriate, our mutant abilities when appropriate, and our fists when appropriate, and let our Kung-Fu skills speak. The BIOMUTANT game, which is different from many games you have played so far, is one of the most entertaining games.

The price of this different role-playing and action game has been reduced from 299 TL to 149.50 TL with a 50% discount. If you are looking for a little change in the games you play, you can add this game to your cart.

MotoGP 21

Car races are nice, but we also recommend you to try motor races. MotoGP 21 game will allow you to experience the racing in the motor world with its extremely realistic graphics. You will feel the speed, action and excitement in the race to your bones.

MotoGP 21 oyunu içerisinde Moto3, Moto2 ve MotoGP sezonlarını bulabilirsiniz. Biliyorsunuz ki F1 2021’de de buna benzer bir durum var. Alt liglerden üstlere tırmanmak oldukça eğlenceli oluyor. Yine F1 2021’de olduğu gibi isterseniz var olan bir takım ile isterseniz kendi takımınız ile yarışlara katılabiliyorsunuz. Bu özgürlüğü sunmuş olmaları gayet güzel.

Eğer ki hız yapmak istiyorsanız bunu en güvenli şekilde MotoGP 21 oyunu ile yapabilirsiniz. 77 TL fiyat etiketine sahip olan oyun Epic Games indirim günleri sayesinde %50 indirim alarak 38,50 TL’den satılıyor. Denemenizi tavsiye ederiz.

Cities: Skylines

If you want games with less action, we can recommend city building games to you. But don’t underestimate them either. It has its own excitement. Cities: Skyline, which is perhaps the best of these games at the moment, is one of the games discounted by Epic Games.

The game is actually not a new game. It was released in 2015. But it can still be played more actively. Your goal in the game is to build and manage a city from scratch. But don’t think it’s easy. From the sewerage of the city to the electricity poles, you have to take care of them one by one. In other words, these types of games are generally easy when viewed from the outside, but they are very difficult while playing.

Epic Games previously distributed the Cities: Skylines game to its users for free. If you missed it at that time, don’t worry because it has a 75% discount.

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