Finding Free Wi-Fi Is Possible Anywhere With The Best Android Apps!

We wanted to share 5 mobile, web and desktop based applications where you can see free Wi-Fi areas on the map.

Today, while we can do many things over the internet, we also stay away from environments where there is no internet.

Free Wi-Fi is perhaps the criterion before the quality of the place for us when we go somewhere. Considering these, the 5 applications we will share may make your work a little easier.

Best Apps to Find Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map is a free smartphone app for Android and iOS. One of the most comprehensive tools with over 100 million Wi-Fi hotspots you will find.

It makes it an excellent choice for people who travel a lot, providing a complete service not only in western countries, but also in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Russia and Eastern European countries.

Android iOS

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

You probably already know the Avast brand name. It is one of the best free anti-virus packages available. What you shouldn’t know, however, is that the company also makes an excellent Wi-Fi finder. 

Android | iOS


It has exactly 5 times the Wi-Fi points of the Wi-Fi Map application. Serving with 500 million Wi-Fi points, all points are marked on the map and can be easily found.

 The application with Foursquare integration can also provide information about the location. You don’t want to have a bad coffee wherever you go for free Wi-Fi.

Android | iOS

WiFi Hotspot Scanner

The three apps we’ve reviewed so far are based on your smartphone. But what if your mobile device is unavailable for some reason? You will need a desktop application.

Windows already has a basic Wi-Fi scanner – what you use to connect to networks! True, but WiFi Hotspot Scanner offers some additional features.

For example, the app will display not only the network name but also the network’s current security settings, channel information, MAC address and other useful data to help you decide if you want to press the “Connect” button.

When you need to share information with friends or colleagues, you can export the results as an HTML, XML, text or CSV file.

Finally, the app is portable. You can store it on your USB stick along with your other useful portable apps. You can access it by clicking here.

Wi-Fi Space

Obviously, the benefits of the web-based hotspot finder are limited. You must have a connection to use it. For example, if you want to change your working environment, it will be useful to choose the next stop. You can access it by clicking here.

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