Recommended 8 Best Free Cashier Apps

In this article, you will find the best free cashier apps right now.

When you own a business, it can sometimes be difficult to manage your cash receipts or inventory effectively.

However, all of these remain important criteria for the functioning and sustainability of your company.

So, to help you save time by automating certain processes, you can opt to use a free cash register app.

But what are the advantages of this type of application and how to choose it properly? 

This is what we will discover together in this article.

What is Cashier App

The cash register app is becoming a necessary tool for many businesses in different industries. Both the retail and restaurant industries use cashier apps to make their operations more efficient. 

Modern cash registers include functions such as inventory management and financial reporting. Cash register software is available in various levels of complexity to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

The cash register app offers all the functions available in a traditional cash register, but with more advanced options for better business management.

Most cash register software is now cloud-based, so merchants and restaurants are not required to keep servers on their premises. 

The big advantage of using cash register software is that you can access your business data anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. 

Some cash register software also allows you to work offline in the absence of Wi-Fi. Cash register software fees are usually a monthly subscription due to the software as a service model. 

However, you must pay for any hardware that comes with the software, such as a barcode scanner and cash drawer.

Benefits of a Free Cashier Application

  • More reliable data:  The reporting and analysis functions of modern cash register software give you the data you need to make smarter business decisions. Multiple reports can help you with everything from recruiting to marketing.
  • Better inventory management:  It’s important to know the status of your inventory at all times. Modern cash register systems provide you with real time inventory updates automatically. This gives you accurate information about which products you need to reorder, helping you avoid wastage.
  • Marketing enhancements:  Some small business cash register software allows you to target customers with loyalty programs and the ability to collect email addresses.
  • Effective employee management:  Most cash register software for small businesses has the ability to integrate with employee management software, without interfering with sales transactions.
  • Integration options:  The best cash register software will allow you to integrate existing or new software to create a complete business management solution. Marketing and payroll are some of the systems that can be integrated with a cash register system to help you run your business seamlessly.

8 Best Free Cashier Apps

Do you want to use a cash register app, but you don’t know which one to choose?

Don’t panic!

Here is  a list of the best free cash register apps  that you can easily find in the market.


This cash register application is accessible online and is NF 525 certified (mandatory legal notice for approved cash register applications).

Very easy to use, it offers many features suitable for all types of businesses.

Thanks  to Hiboutik  , you will be able to manage your sales, your stock but also your customers and suppliers.

This accounting tool also allows you to consult precise statistics about your activities, to help you optimize certain aspects of your business. 


ShopCaisse is  a cash register application that offers a free version  , where you can find many relevant features.

ShopCaisse  adapts to all types of businesses and can be installed on an iPad or Windows PC.

This cash register app makes regular updates to stay up to date and also offers after-sales service which is available 24/7.


This cash register app offers a free version and seems ideal for VSE.

Certified NF 525, can be downloaded on various media, such as tablet, smartphone, or computer. Thanks  to HelloCash  , you will be able to manage your orders and sales, track your stock, and communicate with your customers via email.

On the other hand, if you want to access more detailed features, we recommend that you choose the paid version of this management tool.

Finally, note that for both versions of the cash register app, you will be charged €29.90 excluding tax per year from the second year of use. 


RoverCash is an NF 525 certified cash register app.

It can be installed on tablets and is available in a free version.

It offers basic features, but is diverse enough to allow merchants to manage their business efficiently.

RoverCash  also allows you to view statistics related to your business to help you improve your results. 

Zettle by Paypal

This free cash register app works on tablet, phone or TPE.

It is also NF 525 certified and allows you to use your own equipment or directly through  Zettle by Paypal  to benefit from its various features.

This cash register application will allow you, among other things, to manage your orders and sales, to analyze your statistics and to ensure the management of your stock.

However, even though this cash register App is presented as a free tool, please note that Zettle by Paypal takes 1.75% of the amount of your each transaction and 2.5% of the transactions made by the payment link. 


This cash register software has a specialty because it can be directly installed on a tablet or smartphone.

It offers advanced features, including sending receipts to your customers via email.

Thanks  to Loyverse  , you can also scan products using your phone’s camera and manage multiple stores at the same time.

A little extra?

It works even without internet and updates once the connection is found. 


In accordance with the 2018 law, Cash register is a free cash register application and can be downloaded at various supports.

Its intuitive interface allows users to get started fairly quickly.

The cash register  gives you the possibility to manage your stock and cash funds.

It also gives you access to various relevant statistics, as part of your activity analysis.

Note that this type of cash register application can be compatible with printers, barcode scanners, or cash drawers. The last important asset to facilitate the management of your business!


IziCaisse appears as a complete and easy-to-use cash register application.

It also allows you to design customer files and follow different stores through one account.

As for the other cashier apps on this list,  IziCaisse  offers you the possibility of accessing your company’s statistics to enable you to increase your activity. 

How to Choose the Best Free Cashier App

In order to choose the right cash register app, it is important to ask yourself a variety of questions.

The first one is obviously related to the features you need.

Is a free cash register app enough to meet your expectations? 

Then sort the various cash register applications available according to your profile and your sector of activity. Observe the functionality that seems necessary to you and test the cash register application you have chosen.

After some time, we recommend that you review your use of the tool to determine if it meets all your expectations. 

Is it mandatory to use the cashier application?

According to article 286-I-3° bis of the General Tax Code (CGI), the cash register application is only mandatory if an individual or legal entity is subject to VAT.

This tool must respect the conditions of irrevocability, security, conversation and data archiving, in terms of tax checks. 

If the law is clear enough about this, it is still interesting to equip yourself with a cash register application. More detailed than an invoicing application, it fulfills the role of administrative assistant and inventory management software. 

Using this type of tool will save you time when opening a business, by automating certain tasks and allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

This is why using a cash register app, while not mandatory in some cases, remains a solution that should not be ignored.

We hope you found some of these tips about the best free cash register apps helpful. Now it’s up to you to make the right choice!

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