Full List of Roblox Admin Commands – Updated 2022

Full List of Roblox Admin CommandsRoblox is a game that has a lot of active users recently, offers free gameplay and can be played online. There is no limit to what you can do in the game, which has integrated graphics. 

There are various Admin commands in Roblox, where you can enter with your friends and have a lot of fun, and you can perform certain tasks more easily with these commands. In today’s article, we have prepared a list of what Roblox Admin commands are .

As in every game, Roblox has Admin codes, which we can call cheats for the game. Thanks to these codes, you can speed up the progress of the game and pass the places where you are stuck with the help of these codes much more easily. 

Also, with these codes, you can edit the current status of a server and remove people or items you do not want on the server.

To be able to execute admin commands, you must purchase this mod first . This mod, which can be purchased with in-game money, can be purchased on the game site. After purchasing the mod , you can activate the mode by typing ” cmds ” in the Chat section in the game and start applying the following codes. These codes work and can be applied on all servers.

Roblox In Game Admin Commands List

  • Jump : Bounces your character
  • Fire : Lights a fire in your area
  • Unfire : Puts out the fire you burn
  • Kill : Kills your character
  • Ff : opens a protective field around your character
  • Unff : Closes the protected area you created
  • Loopkill : Kills your character all the time
  • Sparkles : Gives your character a shiny look
  • Unsparkles : Used to turn off this view
  • Smoke : Creates a smoke around character
  • Unsmoke : This helps shut off the smoke.
  • Minihead : Shrinks the character’s head
  • Normalhead : Makes the character’s head to normal size
  • Bighead : Magnifies the character’s head
  • Trip : Turns on the game browsing mode
  • Sit : Allows the character to sit
  • Admin : Authorizes players
  • Unadmin : Used to get the given authorization
  • Invisible : Turns on invisibility mode
  • Visible : Turns off invisibility mode
  • God Mode : Enables unlimited powers in games
  • UnGod Mode : Used to turn off this mode.
  • Fix : Fixes anything that’s broken
  • Kick : Used to kick someone
  • Respawn : Used to respawn
  • Jail : puts player in jail
  • Unjail : Takes the player out of jail
  • Givetools : Allows you to buy items included in the Roblox Starter pack
  • Removetools : Retrieves given Starter pack items
  • Freeze : Freezes the player
  • Explode : Allows the player to explode
  • Zombify : Turns the player into a zombie
  • Control : Allows you to control the target player

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You can access the admin privileges in the game by applying the codes in the list above. These codes can reduce the pleasure of the game, as well as making the game very enjoyable when used properly. We recommend that you use it carefully.

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