GBC Business Group Phone Call

GBC Business Group Phone Call – GBC, or GB Collects, is a debt collecting business that receives a lot of consumer complaints about debt harassment at our legal office. Discover who they are, why they are calling, and how to stop them.

What is GB Collects, exactly?

GB Collects, LLC (GBC) is a New Jersey-based third-party collection service that specializes in commercial debt collection.

Consumer complaints have been filed with gbc business group alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including the use of banned communication strategies and the attempt to collect debts that are not owing.

Before you take action if GBC has contacted you regarding delinquent financial commitments, be sure you understand your rights.

Is GB Collects a bogus company?

They’re the real deal. GB Collects, LLC was created and incorporated in 2001, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In 2004, the BBB created a profile page for GBC.

GBC is listed as a collection agency by the Better Business Bureau. GBC’s yearly revenue is estimated to be $4 million, with 45 individuals working at company headquarters, according to Buzzfile.

GBC “has succeeded in third-party collections for over ten years,” according to its website. GBC utilizes a “well-trained personnel to instill a sense of urgency among delinquent consumers so they fork up money quickly.” According to GBC, its skilled personnel “will…impress…clients with a high net-back and quick recovery rate.”

GBC is “adaptable to any industry…but specializes in collecting commercial accounts” for property and casualty insurers, health and life insurers, wholesale and distribution firms, transportation firms, commercial property leasing firms, and environmental services firms.

Telephone interaction; step demand letters; skip-tracing processes; business structure investigation strategies; chain of command-hierarchy step programs; a “fast-trac” collection system; multiple payment options, including check by phone, fax, ACH, and mail; a suite of business credit products; “24/7/365 online access for…clients with on-demand reporting via Crystal Reports”; and a “24/7/365 online debt collection service”

In addition, GBC offers first-party collection services, as well as collection training seminars, personalized collection letter campaigns, and litigation management.

There are no links or references to consumer protection resources, laws, or enforcement organizations on their website, and there is no information concerning their regulatory compliance policies.

Is it possible for GB Collects to sue me or garnish my wages?

It is prohibited for a debt collector to threaten to sue you or garnish your salary with empty threats. It’s also doubtful that GBC will sue you for a debt you don’t owe or that they can’t prove.

Debt collection companies, on the other hand, have been known to bring debtors to court and garnish wages after a default judgment.

Getting in touch with an attorney BEFORE something like this happens is a good idea. Thousands of people have used our services to fight back against unscrupulous debt collectors. Find out if we can assist you as well right now!

Is it possible for you to assist me in filing a No-Fee Lawsuit against GB Collects?

Absolutely. Here are a few examples of customer complaints.

GB Collects has been accused of causing problems as a result of disagreements over the authenticity of debts and harassment charges.

A complaint alleged in July 2018 that he had “got a letter from GBC…indicating that they were contacting him on behalf of their client, and claimed he owed their client for a debt from a year and a half” earlier. “I immediately phoned them…and contested their assertion,” the complaint said. He demanded physical confirmation that he owed the bill, which they were unable to give.” The complainant claimed that he had been insured for two months and that he had paid all of his fees.” He “got unemployed…but was able to obtain Medicaid, so he phoned his former employer and had his insurance cancelled.” No one stated he owed anything at the time.” The complainant alleged that GBC was contacting his “phone continuously and sending him letters in the mail” by the time he filed the complaint. GBC “failed to show him proof, and… begged them not to be harassed any longer,” he added, but GBC “continues to do so.” This complaint received no public reaction from GBC.

A complaint claimed in February 2019 that GB Collects continued to “contact him and send him letters concerning a debt” that he claimed he did not owe. GBC allegedly stated he owed payment for a previous month’s insurance charge. The complainant, on the other hand, maintained that he had “ended his policy” prior to that date and “had no coverage with the insurance company thereafter.” He further claimed that he “submitted a copy of his Form 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement) to GBC… to establish that he did not owe…any money.” Regardless, the complainant noted that “despite the fact that GBC has no proof of… coverage with the insurance carrier for the month in issue… they continue to harass him via phone calls and letters.” “We believe the allegation is the product of a misunderstanding,” GBC said.

A complainant reported in October 2018 that she had “got a call… from GB Collects during which…they told her that her… husband owed a medical bill from…2017.” Because they did not have coverage or therapy at the time, the complainant “told them this was not possible.” The GBC agent “continued to hint that she owed money and was definitely in trouble,” according to the complainant. She inquired about the social security number on the medical bill, but he did not have it. She informed him he was mistaken and that she thought it was a con.” GBC allegedly “tried phoning again,” but the complainant “did not answer,” despite the fact that she had read “one other complaint… for frequent contacting to seniors about unpaid bills.” “We believe the allegation is the product of a misunderstanding,” GBC said.

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