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Google Earth Pro on desktop is now free and can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. Explore satellite images, 3D buildings, and 3D terrain for hundreds of cities all over the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then use Street View to get a 360-degree view.

Google Earth Pro is for people who need more advanced features. It lets you import and export GIS data and see images from the past.

  • Advanced Measurements: Use the polygon area measure to measure parking lots and land developments, or the circle measure to figure out the affected radius.
  • Printing with high resolution: Print images with a resolution of up to 4800×4800 pixels.
  • Demographics, parcels, and traffic count are the only data layers available to Pro members.
  • Spreadsheet Import: Import up to 2500 addresses at once, assigning placemarks and style templates in bulk.
  • GIS import: View ESRI shapefiles (.shp) and MapInfo (.tab) files.
  • Movie-Maker: Export Windows Media and Quicktime HD movies with a resolution of up to 1920×1080.

Make maps using sophisticated tools:

  • Using measurement tools, calculate distances and areas.
  • Create media materials using Movie Maker.
  • For reports and presentations, print high-resolution images.
  • Import large vector image files to quickly map GIS data. Use the Spreadsheet Importer to map addresses.

Currently Google Earth is a high-resolution satellite image recording application, which can be used by everyone to see images of the earth from the air, with the help of this application we can see the location of our homes, the shape of buildings, the morphology of an area, geographic location or search for place by using the location search feature.

With the development of the era, Google always updates its existing features to provide the best information that can be provided to its users, while one of the features is to open the Primary Database and view photos, in several locations we can see the condition of the area in the form of a panorama or by looking at a 360 view. when a user uploads it.

The benefits of Google Earth Pro are certainly enormous. For example, you want to calculate the shortest distance traveled from 2 different routes. 

For example, you have 2 alternative paths, and want to calculate which route is the closest. Or you like to exercise, and want to calculate how much distance you actually run when you run.


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