How To Access iCloud Photos on PC

How To Access iCloud Photos on PC – The picture storage function of iCloud is a simple and practical method to maintain sync between all of your devices, not just your iPhone and iPad.

On your Mac or even your PC, you may access your iCloud photos. Learn how to activate iCloud on all of your devices and access your iCloud photos by reading on.

How To Access iCloud Photos on PC

The images you view in the Photos app are your iCloud photos as long as iCloud Photo Library is enabled on your phone. It’s that easy.

The photos on your iPhone, however, are only compressed, lower-resolution versions if Optimize Storage is enabled.

The whole copies are kept in iCloud. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos to see if this option is enabled.

Why can’t I access my iPhone’s iCloud photos?

You might not have turned on iCloud Photos, which is one of the most frequent causes of your iCloud photos not appearing on your phone. To verify:

  • ICloud is located under Settings > [your name].
  • Click Photos.
  • Tap the toggle to enable iCloud Photos if necessary.

Another factor may be the fact that updates to iCloud Photos are now only permitted via Wi-Fi. Using your mobile data to check or authorize an update:

  • To access cellular data, go to Settings > Photos.
  • If cellular data isn’t enabled, enable it.

How to see iCloud photos on a Mac

It’s simple to snap photographs, examine them on your iPhone, and transfer those images to your Mac with equal ease. There are really two methods to accomplish it: either the Photos app or iCloud.com on your web browser.

Utilize the Photos app to see iCloud photos.

You can access your iCloud photos from the Photos app on your Mac if both your Mac and your iPhone are signed in to the same iCloud account, just like you can on your iPhone.

  • Activate the Photos app.
  • Toggle to the Photos tab.

My Photo Stream is a different method to access your iCloud photos across all of your devices, but it only displays the most recent photos. Visit our My Photo Stream on iPhone and Mac user manual for more information.

ICloud photos may be seen online (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome)

  • Go to iCloud.com with your preferred browser.
  • Use your iCloud account to log in.
  • Click Photos.

How to use a PC to access iCloud photos

On your PC, you have two options for viewing your iCloud Photos, just like on the Mac. The Files Explorer is one method, and using your browser is another.

Use File Explorer to see iCloud photos

You must first download iCloud for Windows in order to browse your iCloud Photos in File Explorer. You can access your photographs after it’s installed and iCloud Photos is enabled when you:

  • Open a window for File Explorer.
  • There will be an iCloud Photos folder in the Favorites section of the sidebar. Launch it.
  • To access the Downloads folder, click.
  • You may organize your photos into folders on your PC or browse them by year.

You might need to reinstall iCloud for Windows if you don’t see iCloud Photos listed under your Favorites.

Access your photos on a browser.

  • Go to iCloud.com with your preferred browser.
  • Use your iCloud account to log in.
  • Click Photos.

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