How To Change Default Email App on iPhone

How To Change Default Email App on iPhone – iOS 14, which Apple released in September of last year, added the option for users to set third-party email apps as default for iPhone and iPad devices running Apple’s latest operating system. 

With Apple bringing the ability to change the default e-mail application to iOS and iPadOS operating systems, e-mail applications also started to offer default e-mail support.

Shortly after the iOS 14 update, Google released the update that allows to set Gmail as the default email app for iOS 14 devices. 

After installing the latest update, go to the Settings app on iOS, select the “Gmail” menu and find the newly added “Default Mail App” menu. Google also says that the Gmail app will tell users the instructions after updating it.


  1. To set an email application as the new default email application on your iPhone, first download the email application you want to use from the App Store.
  2. We are using the Gmail app in this guide. Tap Settings to set the default app setting .
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and tap on the email app you want to make the default.
  4. Tap Default Mail App.
  5. Tap the app you want to set as default. The operation is ok. Your selection has been saved.
  6. When you start a new email on your iPhone, the app you choose will be your new default.

It’s important to note that iOS has a bug that automatically reverts third-party browser and email apps to Apple’s default Mail and Safari upon reboot; Apple has yet to comment on the issue or reveal when (or if) the issue will be addressed. 

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Google has fully embraced Apple’s new options for default apps, and the company has begun adding support for Chrome to be set as the default browser in iOS 14 prior to the final release of Apple’s software.

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