How to Connect the Phone to the TV? (Android TV, Smart TV and Normal)

We are compiling the issue of connecting the phone to the TV for you. The gap between the various device platforms is narrowing as we speak. People are taking advantage of the cross-device experiences offered by different services and platforms.

For example, if you have a funny video on your smartphone, you can quickly broadcast it on your television. However, if you’re wondering how to connect your phone to a TV, the process is easier than ever.

How To Connecting the Phone to the TV

It doesn’t matter if your TV is smart or not. There are enough ways to establish a connection between your Android/iOS device and your big screen. Many people use it to watch videos or enjoy family photos on their TVs . Let’s explore them.

Wirelessly Connect Phone to Your TV

Please note that some of these technologies require your phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Google Chromecast streaming device is probably the cheapest and easiest way to connect your smartphone to your TV without HDMI. Using it, you can stream audio or video for a single app or mirror your entire Android device. You will need third-party apps if you want to cast your entire iPhone screen.

You will need to download the Google Home app on your device to mirror your screen. Go to Cast my screen > Cast.

You can purchase the new Chromecast with Google TV, which supports video quality up to 1080p,  for $49.99 . Many smart TVs these days come with built-in Chromecast support, so you don’t have to pay extra. Check the Chromecast tag or user guide to find out if your TV supports it.


Miracast is a popular wireless streaming standard that came out in 2012. Many televisions come with built-in Miracast support, which you can use to connect your phone to the TV. However, you can only do this on Android devices, as Apple does not support Miracast on iPhone and macOS. You will also need to download a companion app like AirCast.

Miracast is an option if you want to connect your phone to your TV without a WiFi network. It uses Wi-Fi Direct technology and creates its own wireless connection.

Another popular streaming device is Amazon Fire TV, which also lets you mirror your Android device. Fire TV also requires your device to support Miracast technology to cast wirelessly to your TV screen.

To enable mirroring, go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Enable Screen Mirroring. After that, Mirroring will appear in the quick launch options.

Apple AirPlay

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary wireless streaming standard that allows users to mirror iPhone, iPad and Mac screens to Apple TV devices. Recently Apple, Sony, Samsung, Roku, Vizio etc. It has started offering AirPlay support for various streaming devices and TVs from OEMs.

You can browse the list of TVs that support AirPlay 2  .

How to use enable AirPlay?

Look for the AirPlay icon (screen or ring shape) while playing audio or video on your Apple device. Tap on it and select your device. For example, it’s located next to the search bar in the Apple TV app.

Roku screen mirroring

Roku devices also allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your TV. For Android, you can use screen mirroring, which is enabled by default in Roku OS 7.7 or higher. However, you can disable mirroring requests in Settings > System > Screen Mirroring.

AirPlay 2, Roku Premiere (4630, 4620, 3920), Roku Streambar 9102, Stick+ (3811, 3810) etc. Available on select Roku models, including You also need an Apple device running iOS 12.3 (now iPadOS for iPad) or macOS. 10.14.5.

To get started, you can open Control Center > Screen Mirroring on your Apple device. On some Roku models that need to maintain a stable wireless connection, you need to enable Settings > System > Power > Quick TV Start.

Connect your phone to TV via Bluetooth

Bluetooth isn’t as fast as WiFi, but has enough power to power a few things. You can pair your Android TV with your Android or iOS smartphone. Here, different TVs will have different steps and options to establish a Bluetooth connection.

For example, on a Motorola Android TV go to Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Add accessories. Now follow the on-screen instructions. Other Android TV supported devices will likely have similar options.

Once connected via Bluetooth, you can transfer files or use your Android TV as a Bluetooth speaker and play songs from your phone. Pairing an iPhone is possible, but functionality may be limited.

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Connect Your Phone with USB

Screen mirroring isn’t the only thing you can do with a smartphone. You can also connect your phone to your TV via USB. Here the phone can act as a storage device and the TV can play the songs, videos and images stored in it.

Almost every television nowadays has a USB port. Check your TV’s manual to see if it supports USB connections.

After plugging your device in, make sure to enable File Transfer mode by pulling down the notification bar.

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