How To CTRL+F Search On an iPhone

How To CTRL+F Search On an iPhone – You must have wondered whether your iPhone has characteristics that would enable you to easily discover a certain term in a text-filled webpage or word document if you use the function F on your computer, which is all about searching.

There are still methods to find the words or phrases you’re looking for even though the iPhone lacks a Ctrl F key. This article explains how to use the browser on your iPhone to look for certain words or phrases (Chrome and Safari).

What Does Ctrl F Mean and How Do I Use It?

Users may use the keyboard shortcut Control-F to quickly find particular terms in a webpage or word document.

Your computer will open a search box where you may input the word or phrase you’re looking for when you press the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously. On that screen, the word will be highlighted to make it easier to see.

What is the Fix for Ctrl-F on an iPhone?

It is not feasible to utilize the Ctrl F shortcut on an iPhone since they are not made to function like PCs. This does not preclude you from using the browser on your iPhone to look up phrases and words, though. Similar methods for discovering particular words and phrases on a browser are described below.

How to Use Safari’s Page Search Function

The procedures listed below can help you use Safari on your iPhone to look for a certain term.

  • Open Safari and the website you wish to search on.
    After the website has finished loading, enter the term you’re looking for in the URL bar. Don’t forget to use the escape key!
  • Following the word’s entry in the search box, a number of possibilities will show up underneath it. When you choose “On this page,” the word you typed will appear with “Find” in front of it. This is the path you ought to take.
  • The word will be highlighted on the webpage just like it would be on your PC. On the webpage, a box containing the searched term and the locations where it has been located also shows. To locate other sentences using the term, use the arrows in front of the box. You may locate the specific sentence you’re searching for with the arrows.
  • After you’ve finished your search, use the search box at the bottom of the screen to look up another term. If you are finished, select “Done” to return to the default site.

How to Use Chrome to Find a Word Within a Page

Even though Safari is the iPhone’s default browser, you may also use Chrome. Here’s how to use Chrome to search for a specific term within a website.

  • Enter the URL of the website you want to look for in the search bar of the Chrome app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the three dots symbol (…) in the bottom right corner of the screen when the website has properly loaded.
  • Find the “Find in Page” option and click on it from the list of choices. The upper right corner of the page will display a search bar.
  • Your search term will be highlighted on the page if you enter it into the search field. Keep in mind to immediately press Enter after inputting the term.
  • Chrome’s similar search box features arrows in front of it to assist you discover the precise phrase you’re looking for. When searching for a word or phrase, use the arrows to go up and down the page.
  • When you are finished, you may use the same box to search for a different term. You may return to your normal webpage by selecting “Done” from the menu to the right of the search field when you’ve finished your search.

Use the share button to use the word search feature on a website

The simplest method for using your iPhone’s browser to find a word is this one. It works with both the Safari and Chrome apps. Here are the procedures for utilizing the share button to perform a word search in a web browser.

  • Open the webpage on which you want to conduct a word or phrase search. The browsers available are Chrome or Safari.
  • Tap the share button when the webpage has loaded. The symbol is located in the address box on the upper right-hand side of the screen in Chrome and at the bottom of the screen in Safari.
  • Select “Find on Page/ Find in Page” from the list of choices that will show on your screen after hitting the share symbol.
  • When you enter the word you’re looking for in the search box that appears after selecting the locate on page option, it will be highlighted on the page.
  • To discover the precise phrase you’re searching for, use the arrows next to the search box.
  • By selecting the “Done” button next to the search field after you are through with your search, you may either write another term or return to your usual web page.

Simply put

Although the Control + F shortcut is absent from the iPhone, there are other ways to discover particular words or phrases on a webpage. For a search experience akin to the Ctrl F on your iPhone, use any of the aforementioned techniques.

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