How To User Dark Mode On Mac [100% WORK]

How To User Dark Mode On Mac – In macOS you will find a dark mode, which ensures that everything gets a dark display. The menus, apps and other items are then darkened. Since macOS Mojave, this dark mode is even more extensive. Here’s how it works.

How To Use Dark Mode MacOS

Apple offers you the option to use dark colors in macOS . This macOS dark mode makes the menu bar, default apps and even more dark, making it easier to read in the evenings. What does this dark mode look like on Mac and which macOS version do you need? You can read that in this tip!

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What is Mac dark mode?

Thanks to the dark mode in macOS, you can adjust the colors of the operating system. Light colors are thus darkened, so that using your Mac in the evenings is more pleasant for your eyes. If you are a fan of the dark mode, you can of course just turn it on all day. Depending on the macOS version you are using, there are two types of dark mode.

How To User Dark Mode On Mac

As of macOS Mojave , dark mode applies to the entire operating system. This means that from now on all screens on your Mac will be dark. So it also applies to the menu bar and the dock, but also to all standard apps on your Mac. Think of System Preferences, Safari , Calendar and the Messages app . Other developers can also adjust their apps so that they are automatically displayed in the dark as soon as you activate this Dark Mode on mac.

How To User Dark Mode On Mac

In macOS High Sierra and older, dark mode is more limited. With these versions, only the menu bar and Dock are shown in dark colors. Standard apps like Safari , Messages and the Mac App Store remain light. Third-party developers must therefore also build a dark mode in their apps themselves.

How To User Dark Mode On Mac

Via > About this Mac you can find out which macOS version you have installed.

How can I enable Dark Mode macOS?

To enable macOS dark mode:

macOS Mojave and newer

  1. Go to System Preferences on Mac.
  2. Go to the General section .
  3. At Display you will find two options: the light and the dark. Choose the dark colors.
Dark mode macOS Mojave

All apps that support the dark display will now be converted automatically. It is not possible to set this for individual apps.

macOS High Sierra and older

  1. Go to System Preferences on Mac.
  2. Click on the General section .
  3. At the top is the Use dark menu bar and dark Dock box . Check this.
Enable Dark Dock and Menu Bar on Mac.

The menu bars and the Dock will now no longer be light gray and transparent, but dark. The background is also a lot darker for menus that open, making texts easier to read. Black texts turn white. If you still find this difficult to read, experiment with the option Use anti-aliasing for LCD if available . You can find this option at the very bottom in System Preferences> General . The letters will then appear slightly thinner, also in screen texts of apps. Black text on a white background will also be slightly less bold.

Which Mac have dark mode?

If you want to use macOS Mojave ‘s extended dark mode , you must have a Mac that supports Metal 2 . Metal is the graphic framework with which games look better, for example. Your graphics processor must support the latest version Metal 2 for dark mode.

Here’s how to check for Metal 2 support:

  1. Go to > About this Mac .
  2. On the first Overview tab, click System overview .
  3. Under the Hardware heading , go to Video / Displays .
  4. Is Metal 2 supported? You will see this in the text ‘Supported, function set macOS GPUFamily1 v3’ or newer.

If there is no reference to Metal, you cannot use dark mode. You could choose to have your GPU replaced with a newer one.

Dark mode macOS requires Metal 2 support

How can I adjust colors in macOS?

If you want macOS to look less colorful, you can also switch the display of blue buttons, menus and windows to anthracite gray in System Preferences> General . We do not think that is an improvement: the menus become very colorless and the blue color is often a handy hint that there is a button or choice. The conversion also ensures that the ‘traffic light’ at the top left of every dialog box is now gray. Less colorful, but also less clear.

If you want the opposite (so a little more color), you can replace the standard light blue marker color with Marking color with a candy cane color, for example pink or green. This applies, for example, to text on a website that you have selected to copy.

Alternatives: Automatically enable dark menus with f.lux

You can go one step further: with the f.lux for Mac app , you can make dark screen mode turn on automatically at sunset. F.lux automatically adjusts the colors of the Mac screen depending on the lighting conditions. After installation you indicate that Dark Mode should be switched on automatically as soon as the sun goes down.

f.lux for the Mac can be found here .

If you want less blue light from your Mac screen, then Apple has invented Night Shift. With Night Shift on your Mac , the screen automatically turns more yellow in the evening, which experts say is better for your eyes and your night’s sleep.

You can also turn on a dark mode on the iPhone and iPad , although this is not an official setting but an accessibility tool called cleverly reversed .

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