How to Download Instagram Highlights?

How to Download Instagram Highlights: Instagram is constantly updating. Sometimes it is not possible to keep up with the speed. 

That’s why the number of questions asked is increasing. Here is one of these updates, the feature of downloading the highlights… If you are wondering how to download Instagram highlights, we will give you the answer right away.

Instagram is now used more than any other social media platform. That’s why it’s getting more updates now than in the past. We will now describe one of those updates.

Download Instagram Highlights

Do you use Instagram? Here you can see the featured stories and download them. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Your download account must be public.
  2. Then open the StorySaver address.
  3. Type the Instagram username of the account you will download from the highlights here.
  4. Click the Download link.
  5. Then, you will see the highlights of the account that you want to download.
  6. Click the link below the story you want to download and perform the download.

It will only take a few minutes to do this. So you can easily download whatever you want. But of course, you should bear in mind our caveat: If the account is not public, you cannot download highlights from here.

How Do iPhone Owners Download Instagram Highlights?

If the phone of those who want to download one of the Instagram stories is iPhone, then how should you download it? Here it changes a little. Let’s explain the details right now..

  1. Enter the Safari app.
  2. But in order to do this, it must be updated to the iOS 13 version.
  3. StorySaver will help you with this.
  4. Enter the name of the Instagram account here.
  5. You will see the list of stories.
  6. You can download whatever you want from here.

In a short time, the story you want to download will now be on your phone.

Windows or Mac Story Download

So, if you want to do this from the computer instead of the phone, how should you go about it?

In fact, no matter which system you enter from, the procedures you will do are similar. If you want to download highlights on Windows or Mac, first enter Chrome.

  • Download the Chrome IG Story plugin (you can also use the StorySaver site).
  • You will then see a sign similar to Instagram’s symbol on Chrome. Press this.
  • Then you will see the search engine on the right.
  • Here you need to enter the username of the person whose account you want to see.
  • If you want to download his story, hit the download sign and download it.

That’s it… Similar steps, only the system you use changes. But at this point, it is not known whether any information is sent to the other party when you download it. 

However, it may be more beneficial for you not to enter this process unless it is very necessary. Here’s how to download Instagram highlights, now you know with all the details. If necessary, you can perform the operation by following these steps.

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