How to Download Music to iPhone?

How to download music to iPhone is an issue that confuses many iPhone users. Especially everyone who has switched from Android-based phone to iOS-based iPhone is surprised to see that it is not easy to download free music to iPhone.

For those who are looking for a music download program for iPhone , we will talk about a few applications and explain the methods. Since Apple does not want music to be downloaded this way, we often have to find new methods.

How to Download Music to iPhone?

Method 1- Download music to iPhone using Youtube

Our goal is to download mp3 to our iPhone . Although we seem to be doing this in a somewhat roundabout way, it is actually a very easy process. With this process, you will be able to download the song you want to your iPhone as mp3. In addition, a video has been added under the topic.

#1 First, let’s find the Youtube link of the song we want to download.

Open the video you want from the Youtube app.  Click the Share button at the bottom . Tap on copy link on the screen that appears. That’s it for copying.

#2 Now we can start downloading mp3 to our iPhone .

Step 1 – First install the following app from the AppStore: Documents

Its name has changed: It has become “ Documents: Files, PDF, Browser ”. But it still works for us.

Documentation; an application with its own browser . Our logic is this: If we are not allowed to download mp3s via Safari, we will use another browser. If the link above doesn’t work, type “document” in the App Store’s search. The current application will appear.

Step 2:   After installing the app, open it and click on the blue compass icon in the lower right corner.

Step 3:   Type “convert to mp3” in the section that says “Go to this addresses”. When I updated this article, the following site was in the first place: “ytmp3.cc” Click on this site. It may have changed. But the logic of such sites remains the same.

Step 4:  Paste the address of the youtube video you want to download in the address field.

Step 5: Click the Download  buttonon the screen that comes up. Click on Done  . You will see an arrow icon at the bottom.

THIS IS THE PROCESS. The music track will start downloading on our iPhone.

To see the Mp3 you downloaded,

1-  Tap the purple symbol at the bottom left in the Document app.

2- Your video will be downloaded to the Downloads folder.

If you want it to download as a video, not just as an audio file, you can do the procedure in the following article:

If you want, you can save the video downloaded in the Download folder to the Photo roll. (unfortunately unable to save to Video roll). To do this, hold the downloaded file and drag it to the ” Drag here ” text on the left above . The screen will change. After that, dump the video by dragging it into the photo roll. You will now be able to access your video from the Photos app.

That’s it for our iPhone music download process. We have prepared a video for those who are stuck. Here you can see how it can be done.[Unfortunately, Youtube has restricted the video. Click on the video link to watch the video ]

Please let us know if the method stops working. Let’s update the topic right away.

Method 2- Download songs to iPhone without using Youtube

You can also download mp3 to your iPhone without using Youtube.

  1. Search and download Xender: File Sharing app from AppStore .
  2. Open the Xender app. “Allow him to access your gallery and photos.”
  3. Open the web browser by clicking the icon at the bottom right.
  4. In the address field at the top, write the following address: MusicPleeer.link

5. Type the name of the song you want to download or the name of the singer in the search field.

6. Click on the desired results.

7. When the page opens, click the “Download” button.

In the lower right corner is the downloads folder. From there you can see the mp3 you downloaded and listen to it offline. If the app asks you to install VPN, do not accept it.

That’s the deal.

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Note:  If you have a computer, which most of us have. If we download it to our computer as mp3 and sync it with iTunes, we will throw music from iPhone. I wanted to remind you.

If you have a problem while downloading music from iPhone, you can write a comment at the bottom of this page.

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