How to enable JPEG XL support in Google Chrome

How to enable JPEG XL support for Google Chrome – JPEG XL is a new image format with extremely interesting features that will gradually replace obsolete formats. 

At present, we can find several websites and images that are already using the format in question. That is why it becomes important to have the support JPEG XL in Google Chrome and not lose any photograph.

What is JPEG XL?

It is a new graphics file format that has been developed to support a high level of lossless compression. The image coding system comes with many functions. JPEG XL helps websites to display images more clearly, consuming fewer resources and adapting to different screen resolutions.

This new format offers a significantly better image quality to weight ratio than the old JPEG. It is for algorithmically efficient encoding and decoding, via software, without hardware support, even on mobile devices.

Thanks to its compression capacity, JPEG XL is capable of reducing the size of photos up to 60% compared to the obsolete JPEG. This allows many photos to be stored while maintaining excellent quality. In turn, many websites will be able to load such photos in a faster way, without sacrificing quality.

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How to enable JPEG XL support for Google Chrome

As of version 91 of Google Chrome, this format is already supported. Although by default the support for the JPEG XL format is disabled; this is because it is still in a beta version.

But we can activate it using the “flags” or from the section of the experimental functions of Google Chrome. For this we will have to open a new tab and write chrome: // flags and then press “Enter”.

How to enable JPEG XL support for Google Chrome

Next, we go to the search engine that is at the top and we are going to write “JPEG”. We will find an entry that says “Enable JXL image format” or “Enable JXL image format”. In order to enable it, we will click on the drop-down menu on the right and change to “Enabled”.

How to enable JPEG XL support for Google Chrome

After this we will have to restart Chrome. Now we can view images in JPEG XL format.

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