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How to Factory Reset a Windows 11

How to Factory Reset a Windows 11 to factory settings is an option equivalent to a clean installation, but easier and faster to perform than this, indicated when we have  problems with the operating system that we cannot solve by other means.

Windows consumer operating systems will eventually “downgrade” over time due to the same usage, installation/uninstallation of applications or drivers, not updating the same system or not updating the same system, the introduction of any malware.

Regardless of the reason, it is not necessary to access the BIOS to change or format the operating system. Windows 11 has a factory reset option. In this article we leave you a tutorial to learn how to format Windows 11.

Before proceeding, it’s a good idea to back up your data just in case.

How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

To begin the reset process, open the Settings application on your Windows 11 PC. Do this by pressing the Windows + i keys simultaneously.

Under Settings, on the left sidebar, select “System”.

How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

On the “System” page, click “Restore.”

How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

In the “Reset” menu, next to “Reset this PC”, click “Reset PC”.

How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

You will see a “Reset this PC” window. In this window, choose one of the following two options:

  • Save my files – Select this option to remove applications and settings but keep personal files.
  • Remove all – Choose this option to remove apps, settings, and even personal files. You should definitely choose this if you are selling or giving away your device.
How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

The “How would you like to reinstall Windows?” Screen appears. If you want to reinstall Windows 11 from the cloud, select the “Cloud download” option. To reinstall Windows 11 locally, select the “Reinstall local” option. If you are unsure, we have a guide to choosing between local or cloud reinstallation.

How To Factory Reset a 11 to Factory Settings

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the PC restart.

When your PC has rebooted, you are ready to configure it from scratch. If you were restoring to fix a problem, be careful what you install and how you customize Windows; otherwise, you may have to restore it again.

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Steps to follow after a PC restart

After the reboot, you’ll want to check for updates by going to Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates . After getting the latest security patches and driver updates (if any are available), you can check for missing drivers through Device Manager in Control Panel .

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type : device manager , and hit Enter or click the first result in the search list. If you are missing drivers, check the manufacturer’s support site and download and install the drivers you need.

The PC reset feature is essential whether you’re troubleshooting a major problem, or selling or giving away your Windows 11 system.