How To Factory Reset & Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Hello, in this article, we have explained the hard reset and factory reset processes of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 model. If your Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone has problems as listed below, you can perform a factory reset and reset.

  • slow work,
  • Freezing or unresponsive
  • virus infection,
  • Stuck at boot screen,
  • Random reboot or reboot issue after firmware update,
  • Frequent malfunctions, errors caused by system and applications,
  • Not remembering device password or pattern lock

It is quite easy to fix these problems by doing a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 factory reset and reset.

How To Factory Reset Xiaomi Mi Note 10

  • Make sure your device has at least 50% charge life.
  • Sign out of your Google Account to Unlock FRP.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and  tap on General Management .
  •  Tap the  Reset menu and select Factory Data Reset .
  • Read the information on the screen and  tap Reset Device .
  • Enter your device  PIN  ,  screen lock  or  password .
  • Tap Delete All .

After a few moments, your device will reboot and the factory data reset will be completed. The first boot may take a little longer than usual. On the welcome screen, sign in to your Google account, you can start the Data Restore process.

How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi Note 10

If you cannot access the settings menu, you can perform a hard reset of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with recovery mode. Usually, a reset with recovery mode can be used when you forget the pattern lock or screen lock, the phone gets stuck on the boot logo or restarts itself constantly.

  •  Make sure  your device has at least  50% charge life .
  • Turn off your device  and wait a few seconds.
  •  Press and hold the Volume Up  +  Power  buttons  together until the recovery mode screen appears  . (These button combinations may vary in different ways.)
  • Release the Power button of the Xiaomi  logo  but keep pressing the Volume  Up until the recovery mode screen comes up  .
  • Release all buttons when the Mi Recovery Mode  screen is displayed.
  • Do Wipe Data -> Factory Reset , respectively .   Highlight with volume down and confirm with power button .
  • Navigate to Yes –Delete All User Data using the Volume down  function and press the Power  button  to continue  .
  • After the process is finished go to Reboot System Now and  press the Power button  .

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