How To Fix Green Box on Android Phone

How To Fix Green Box on Android Phone – Are you having trouble removing the green box from your Android device? Depending on where you want the green box to travel, there are many approaches you may use.

Some users might want the green box removed from only one app, while others would want it removed entirely. I’ll describe how to disable the green box on Android today and remove it from only one app. So let’s speak about the green box before we get started.

Have you seen a green line on your mobile device and are hoping to fix it? On the right track, you are! How to repair the green line on an Android phone is described in this section.

The Green Box Android: What Is It?

The green box serves as much than just your cellular provider’s carrier signal. To obtain a wireless signal on an older phone, you might have to switch on the green boxes. They are not required to switch on these devices in certain locations where there are no towers and you need to connect to the internet in order to utilize your Maps.

It is not essential any longer. Since they are far more sophisticated than earlier models, phones can now access wireless internet without the need for green boxes. In fact, if you activate these green boxes, your carrier might incur fees for their use without your knowledge.

How Do I Disconnect the Green Box Android?

There is a simple, code-free solution to turn off the boxes if you are using a Nexus or Samsung phone! It might be a little bit different and you might need a code or something else to enable it if you’re using a different type of Android phone and want to do this.

These two phones were the only ones, at least temporarily, whose settings could be used to turn them off. Use your internet to search for any codes or other resources that could be available for other phones to assist in this procedure.

Entering your settings menu should be your initial action. A button for networks and wireless may be found here. It should resemble a string of tiny square boxes and be at the bottom of the list. When you open this, a toggle button for your green boxes in the list should be there.

To avoid being charged for using the internet and other applications once you allow it, you must turn it off again. To accomplish that, return to your settings menu and choose the same button from the list.

If you wish to turn it off, press the toggle button after that. You may also see if there is anything more under Wireless & networks that lists the names or the number of boxes that are enabled.

How To Fix Green Box on Android Phone


Start by switching your phone off and back on. Turn off and restart the phone in addition to just the screen. This straightforward fix resolves a variety of difficulties since it forces your phone to shut down and reload. Rebooting your phone will address any problems brought on by a momentary software glitch that resulted in the green line.


Safe Mode is a limited mode that only allows your phone’s most essential apps to function. This is a great method for figuring out whether there is a software problem. If the green line vanishes in Safe Mode, there is a problem with the operating system, a software, or a setting.


Any software you’ve lately installed should be removed. Uninstalling the problematic or incompatible program may fix your problem if it’s the source of the green line. Consider reverting any settings changes you’ve made recently.


Check to check if your phone has any accessible operating system upgrades. The update may fix any problems you are having with your current version of Android.


Prior to taking your phone in for servicing, attempt this last repair. It’s a daring decision since it installs a new version of Android while erasing all of your phone’s data, including pictures, videos, and other information.


You must respect your privacy when using your Android device. Toggle switches to enable or disable Greenbox can be found in the Privacy section of the Settings app.

Make sure this toggle is turned on to prevent anyone from spying on your online activity or stealing personal information.

After that, everything ought to be back to normal; restart your device if prompted. Has the settings trick been successful for you? Leave a comment below and share!

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