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How to fix the camera won’t turn on in Windows

Don’t worry if the camera doesn’t seem to work in the latest version on your Window computer. In this tutorial, we offer you three different methods to fix the camera issue in Windows 10. For users who are experiencing errors such as “can’t start your camera (can’t start your camera)” (0xA00F429F) or “We can’t find your camera (We can’t find your camera)” on their computer, we’ve included steps that can resolve issues. Now let’s go ahead and find out how to fix the “camera not working” issue in Windows 10. If the camera is not working on your Windows 10 laptop, here are all possible solutions to this problem.


1. Firstly, press the Windows key and type “camera privacy” in the Search bar. Now, open “Camera Privacy settings”. Alternatively, you can go to “Settings > Privacy > Camera” on your Windows 10 computer.

2. After entering the camera settings page, make sure that “Allow access to camera on this device” is turned on. If your camera is not working, I suggest you turn the toggle off once and then back on.

3. Next, scroll down and make sure the “Allow apps to access your camera” toggle is enabled. Repeat the same process, turn it off and enable it again.

4. Now scroll down to find the list of apps that can access the camera. Look for the app where the camera is not working and toggle the switch if it is not working yet. We recommend turning the toggle off and then on again.

5. Finally, turn on “Allow desktop apps to access your camera”. This is for all programs built on the traditional Win32 framework. It includes Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and more.


1. If you still cannot start the camera in Windows 10, you will need to reinstall the driver. Use the Windows keyboard shortcut “Win ​​key + X” or right-click the Start Menu icon to open the Quick Menu. Here, click on “Device Manager”.

2. In the Device Manager window, expand the “Cameras” menu and right-click on your Windows 10 laptop’s camera hardware. Now, click “Uninstall device”.

3. After uninstalling the driver, click on “Action” and select “Scan for hardware changes”. This will search for the webcam again and automatically install the camera driver. You can also restart your Windows 10 PC and it will automatically update the driver.

4. After the driver installation is complete, restart your PC and your camera cannot start error “0xA00F429F” should now be fixed.


1. If you are getting the “We cannot find your camera” error, you need to reset the app to fix the problem. Press the Windows key and type “camera” in the search bar. Now, click on “Application Settings”.

2. It will take you directly to the App Settings page of the Camera app. Here, scroll down and click “Reset”.

3. Restart the camera app after a while and you should not face any issues this time.

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