How to fix the main problems of the Nintendo Switch: audio, black screen

Are you having problems with your Nintendo Switch? Something wrong with your new console? You do not have audio? Does not charge or does not turn on properly? Games not working? Is the screen going black?

There is less and less to have in your hands the new fashionable console, the Nintendo Switch, and surely when you connect it to your television or start playing with it in hand, you will have some doubts or you may even find yourself some problems that in some cases have a very easy solution.

We are going to show you how to fix them so that you can enjoy your new game console without further delay.

How to solve the main problems of the Nintendo Switch: bugs and errors that you can find in this console

1.-JOY-CON controllers do not work properly

Well, it seems that happened in the first test units that were sent to different media. In some moments you can lose control of your character in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and then regain it seconds later. It spoils your game.

Solution? Avoid direct line of sight obstacles between the controller and the console. This only happens when you connect the console to the TV and have the controls in hand, not in the other modes.

2.-Your console does not charge if you connect them to a portable battery. The Joy-Con do not charge.

Although the Nintendo Switch supports the USB-C standard, its power requirements are quite high, so it is possible that if you connect this cable to a battery with little capacity and power output, the console will not charge. That is, even with batteries that have a 3A output, it may take a long time for the console to charge.

Joy-Con not charging? That’s because you have to connect them directly to the console. Its battery lasts about 20 hours and then you have to place them on the Nintendo Switch to charge or buy the accessory that Nintendo wants to sell us to charge them separately …

We have found a good charging option for the controls in:

3.-You insert your game and it doesn’t work

The Switch may not recognize the cartridge. Try to remove it and reinsert it. If it still doesn’t work, try another game to see if it’s a console problem.

4.-Can you use cartridges from other Nintendo consoles?

NO. It is a pity. You can’t play Wii U games, for example.

What you do have access to is the annual or monthly Nintendo subscription in which they offer you the NES and SNES video games to play on your console.

5.-Can you use your bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch?

NO. Another pity. Although the console has bluetooth, this type of connectivity is capable of being used only with the Joy-Con. If you want to use headphones you will have to connect them directly to the console.

You can try connecting a bluetooth adapter to the console that you then have to connect to your headphones.

6.-Do not run out of storage in the console

The Nintendo Switch only has 32 GB of storage and 6 GB is occupied by the system. Fortunately you can use MicroSD memory cards that are currently very cheap to expand the storage.

7.-Your microSD card has suffered data corruption

Well, everyone recommends FAT32 because the Nintendo drivers give some problems with the exFAT format.

exFAT seems to suffer from more data corruption on the Nintendo Switch (you can always make regular backups to another card or computer in the Nintendo folder).

  • Nintendo requires a driver to be downloaded to enable SDXC cards in exFAT (this is done automatically).

The problem with FAT32 is that you cannot install video games larger than 4GB. Keep that in mind.

8.-Your TV changes channels when you have the game console connected

It’s happening to a lot of people when the Nintendo Switch is in the dock. It seems that confusing signals are sent to the TV and it changes its viewing channel.

It is solved by updating the firmware on the console to the latest version. Until then, don’t put it in the dock and charge it via an AC adapter connected directly to the Switch.

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9.-How can we do a hard reset of the Nintendo Switch? What if the screen goes black?

When everything stops working we have to reset the console. When your console does not turn on, we have to reset.

Nintendo gives the solution: “ There is a possibility that the console has ‘frozen’ with a black screen. Look at the console in a dark room and see if there are any lights on the screen. If so, the console has ‘frozen’. Press and hold the POWER button for 12 seconds or more to turn off the console. Then press the POWER button again to turn the console back on «.

You may also need to disconnect all cables from the console. Leave everything unplugged for at least 30 seconds. With the Nintendo Switch console undocked from the dock, connect the AC adapter to the console and then plug it directly into an electrical outlet.

10.-The cartridges of the Switch taste really bad. Is there a problem for my stomach?

Not really. Nintendo has coated the cartridges with a NON-toxic substance to prevent children (and adults) from wanting to eat the small game cartridges. They just taste really bad, but nothing is going to happen to you.

11.-Audio problems on your Nintendo Switch?

What can you do if you don’t have audio on your Switch? If you’re wondering why the Nintendo Switch has no sound when plugged into the dock, you shouldn’t be surprised. The system’s speakers are automatically turned off and the sound is routed to your TV via the HDMI cable.

If you are with your console in hand and you do not hear anything, it is possible that the console has been connected to a bluetooth device such as your headphones.

An option may also be enabled. In the System Settings, there is an audio setting called Mute when headphones are disconnected that can be activated. Check it.

No sound only in a video game? You may need to update it. Restart the game.

If you still have no sound, try restarting the console and updating the software.

If you finally still have no audio on your console, it may be a hardware problem. Contact Nintendo support.

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