How To Get Free Clubhouse Invite?

The Clubhouse application has recently become very popular and has become one of the social media platforms everyone is curious about. Especially in applications that can only be accessed by invitation, the answers to the question of how to get a free Clubhouse invite started to be investigated.

Appearing in the last few days of last year, the Clubhouse application has become one of the popular applications, especially in recent weeks. Many people are exploring the app, which is an invitation-only live chat room. Even on some platforms users have taken steps to find free Clubhouse invitations . Where can I get an invitation to apply to the Clubhouse? How to get a free club invitation? The answers to such questions began to be wondered.

Is the Clubhouse application paid?

Users are seriously looking into ways to access the Clubhouse app, which requires both a fee and an invitation. Users have to pay a certain fee to subscribe to the app, but users who have found a free Clubhouse invite can log into the app for free.

How to Use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is very easy to use and practical. Basically, it has two functions called speaking and listening. While it is possible to listen only to the speeches, you also have the opportunity to start your own speech. For this, if the speech start option is to be preferred first, 3 main speech sections should be selected for this. This is possible with the Start a Room option. You can use the following options to open a room;

  • Open Room, the room where everyone will participate.
  • Social Room is the room you can set up only with what you follow.
  • Closed Rooms are the only rooms to be attended by the founder’s invitation.

The rooms set up in this way form the basis of the Clubhouse application and offer unlimited chat.

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How to get a free Clubhouse Invite?

The Clubhouse app is currently an app only downloaded by iOS users. To get a free Clubhouse invite, you need to get help from invited users who were previously members of the app. If you find an invitation, you can easily subscribe to the application and start using it after SMS verification. However, users who cannot find the invitation must be subscribed to the application in order to pay.

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