How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi (All Types)

Your xiaomi cellphone is often held by someone else/girlfriend and you are afraid that your favorite apps will be opened. Calm down, here I will share tips on how to hide apps on a Xiaomi cellphone easily and without using complicated.

This app can also be hidden from the home screen. Therefore, today we will learn how to hide apps on Xiaomi using system functions and third-party utilities, and how to restore access to deleted app icons.

What is a hidden app?

Hidden apps on Android are  not visible on the home screen  , as if they weren’t installed at all. You can access such Apps using special gestures and entering passwords.

The reasons for hiding Apps on xiaomi phones are as follows:

  • Protection from prying eyes  . For example, you don’t want this or that person to know about using a particular app.
  • Payment service confidentiality  . When a mobile device is lost or stolen, cybercriminals can easily access electronic wallets and online banking accounts.
  • Message on screen  . There are useless or technical utilities that are rarely used. Nevertheless, they took up space and constantly attacked. Just hide unnecessary app shortcuts.

If you want to enable this option for security, but you regularly use this application, it is better to set a password instead. This will take you to the application faster. At the same time, it will be reliably protected.

How to Hide Apps on HP Xiaomi and Redmi

This procedure is performed in the system settings. Hiding apps  does not require additional Apps  . But there are also options with third-party tools. Let’s talk about them in the next paragraph.

1:  Go to the Apps section   and go to the Apps Protection tab.

2: the  first time you launch the option, you have to enter the security code. You can choose from patterns, four-digit number combinations or full passwords of different characters. Repeat the security element twice and click  Next  . In the next window, link your Mi account to reset your password, or reject it.

The system will ask you to enter the password once and skip further if the function has been enabled previously.

3: You  will be asked to set up face unlock. It’s very fast and convenient, but  Face ID is easy to hack  – anyone with a similar appearance will have access to your smartphone. Accept or reject system recommendations.

Step 4: when the organization points are skipped, click on the top item  “Hide apps”  . Below is a list of applications, whose icons can be removed from the workspace.

How to Find hidden apps

We return to the main screen and make certain movements on the screen:  spread our fingers to the sides  , as if we want to enlarge the image. You are asked to type a password. After correct identification,  folders with hidden Apps shortcuts are shown  . Click on the desired icon, and the Apps will open.

How to get everything back

Visit “Settings” in Xiaomi again to display the app. Just  uncheck the checkbox  . If you want to completely disable the protection function, click the gear in the upper right corner and disable the slider opposite the first item of the same name. Confirm your choice.

Manually tested on Redmi 7A and Mi 9 SE running MIUI 11 Global Stable. Everything worked perfectly.

Additional features

There are two other interesting options that will help make hiding apps more convenient for certain users. Namely,  notification blocking and disabling mode  .

You can choose when the app will disappear: immediately after locking the screen, when locking or exiting the app, when locking, or one minute after exiting. Both of these features disable notifications from hidden apps so that no one suspects their presence on the device.

Another way to Hide Apps in MIUI

System tools quickly and easily remove apps from the screen, but are rather mundane and little functional. You will need a third-party utility  to extend the capabilities and hide, for example, files from Android Explorer.

Second room

Interesting option to hide apps. Work according to the following principles:

  1. Create a second space, which is a separate desktop;
  2. Load there the necessary applications, photos, videos, contacts, files;
  3. Enter the password and return to the main screen.

Thus, it is  possible to keep certain materials secret  . All confidential information is in one place, which is very convenient.


Let’s take the example of  the  popular Nova Launcher . It offers to hide app icons, but this feature is only available in the paid version. After installing the standard application and going to its settings, we see the inscription “Prime” next to the shortcut hiding.

Nova Launcher Prime costs around $4. For this price, the user gets the opportunity to customize the desktop in detail to suit his preferences.

Apex Launcher offers a way to hide app shortcuts for free. Install it from Google Play, set it as the default desktop and  click the settings icon  . An expanded menu opens, where we select  “Application menu settings”  .

Now we click on the tab  “Hidden Applications”  and mark the required items with a check mark. We confirm the action with the “Save” button   . Drainp.

Third Party Apps

The most interesting functionality is provided by individual utilities. Such an application not only hides the application icon, but also  hides  itself, and also  hides photos, contacts, folders and files  .

Today we will consider three interesting tools:  Smart Hide Calculator, App Hider and LOCKED  , which are available for free on Google Play – you don’t have to look for them on the Internet and download from suspicious sources. They are free, but some require Superuser mode enabled.

App specific options

We will study more detailed information about the application above and consider the main functions.

Hide folders/files in Explorer

Smart Hide Calculator will do just fine with this. It is made in the form of a regular calculator, and to access the main features, you must enter a code. The utility can hide  certain folders and files  . Permission blocking is also configured. For example, you can only hide png photos.

It’s hard to recognize that a security app is hiding under the guise of a calculator, so you can be sure of the security of your data.

System Explorer  also has a function to hide certain folders  . We go to the manager, click on a specific file and click “Hide”. Enter the password for the Mi account. You can view hidden material in a separate “Hidden files” tab.

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Hide photos in Gallery

App Hider  , also designed in a calculator style, is  ideal for protecting photos and videos  . The principle of operation is simple:

  1. We log in and type a six-digit password on the calculator;
  2. We show pictures and videos that need to be protected;
  3. We check the Gallery and make sure that the hidden material is gone from there;
  4. We enter the Application using a password, and we get access to all hidden information.

Root rights are not required. The only downside is a lot of annoying ads.

LOCKED performs a similar function, so you can choose between it and App Hider. There isn’t much difference.

Again, the System Gallery has the same functionality. Select a photo and in the menu that appears, click  “Add to album” – “Hidden album”  . We confirm the action with a password.

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Hide contacts

If you need to delete a contact from the phonebook, take a closer look at  Hide Phone Number  on xiaomi. It uses standard password protection without a calculator. 

You can hide subscribers and any calls you make. The interface is simple, no root privileges required, as well as additional costs.

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