How to Increase Your Internet Download Speed

How To Increase Download Speed – Using apps in the background can take up a significant portion of your bandwidth. 

Video streaming services are particularly bandwidth heavy users, so you should temporarily disable these apps to increase download speed. Trying to download multiple files at once may fail due to device compatibility. 

Instead, download one file at a time. Restarting your computer can also increase your download speed. However, the most important method to increase your internet speed is to disable your VPN or metered connection.

Disable apps

To increase your internet download speed, you should close the apps that are constantly using your bandwidth. 

Many apps, especially video streaming services, use a lot of data. It is recommended that you disable these apps while downloading, or at least turn them off to save your bandwidth. I

f you’re having trouble limiting your bandwidth usage, you can also restart your computer. Another way to speed up your download speed is to set up a DNS server like Google Public DNS.

To find out which applications are consuming your bandwidth;

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click Performance.
  • Click on “Open Resource Monitor” to open a window where you can see your current data usage.
  • Find and disable programs that use most of your bandwidth.

You can test this by disabling and restarting a few apps. Often times, these programs are the culprits behind slower download speeds.

Disable metered connection

If you want to speed up your internet downloads, disabling your metered connection is a good first step. Metered connections limit your internet download speed by limiting the data you can use each month. Disabling your metered connection will significantly increase your download speed.

First, you can control your data usage. If it’s low, disable background apps that are using your network resources.

You can then test the increased speed. Alternatively, you can restart your computer and try a different connection. In the end, you will find that the problem is not with the service itself, but with the bandwidth. If you cannot pass this step, you may have to pay for additional data.

disable VPN

If you struggle with slow download speeds, the solution may be to disable the VPN. VPNs use some of your connection, so they can slow down your download speed. Disabling them will increase your internet download speed. 

If you still don’t see any significant improvement in download speed, try turning off unnecessary or offline apps. Disabling the VPN can also help improve your overall connection speed.

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the speed of data packets by intercepting traffic. These measures are taken to reduce the load on the servers so they can slow down popular data packets like videos. 

Some researchers from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst found that ISPs often throttle internet speed. However, the best VPN services can circumvent bandwidth restriction by preventing ISPs from looking at data packets, thereby reducing your download speed.

reboot system

A simple trick to increase your internet download speed is to restart your computer. Doing so will fix problems caused by apps running in the background or having too many open browsers. Internet connection speed is measured in gigabytes per second, and the more data you transfer, the faster your system will be. 

You can also run a speed test to see how much data your system can handle. If you notice a significant drop in download speed, restarting your computer will restore the average speed.

Another way to speed up your Internet connection is to disable programs that use excessive bandwidth. One way to do this is to enter the word “resmon” in the Run prompt by pressing the Windows + R keys. 

This tool displays the total bandwidth used by your system and you can close the unnecessary programs that use the most bandwidth. This will increase the speed of your internet connection up to 3 times.

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