3 How To Install TWRP Recovery Oppo F7 [100% WORK]

Like the title of our post above, this time we will share 3 Ways How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 Without PC 100% Work. But before we give you a way, we first want to explain what an android twrp is. 

Because maybe many of all my android friends are still confused with twrp. Team Win Recovery Project or often called TWRP is a custom recovery that is able to replace the default recovery on Android. Surely this TWRP custom recovery has several advantages or advantages compared to the default recovery on Android. For more details, we also provide the following uses of TWRP on android.

  • Can do All Wipe such as cache, data, system, internal memory or SD card.
  • Support for ROM or Custom ROM and install SuperSU.
  • Can backup all data, system.
  • Can restore all data, system.
  • Add file Manager Recovery.
  • Support all languages.
  • And many other things.
How To Install TWRP Recovery Oppo F7

Those are some of the uses of twrp recovery on Android. Okay back to our main topic which will discuss 3 Ways How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 NO PC 100% Work. Than curious friend, here’s how.

TWRP Recovery (Team Win Recovery Project)

TWRP recovery stands for Team Win Recovery Project, so that means TWRP recovery has a custom menu that is not in the factory default (original) OPPO F7. Actually there is also a Recovery Standard (original factory) but due to limited features so we can use TWRP Recovery for more complete functions.

TWRP Recovery Android function

As I explained above, there are several advantages of TWRP Recovery compared to you using standard recovery from the factory. For example, when installing TWRP recovery, there will be many features such as being able to install Custom ROM, Root Oppo f7, adding cool tweaks on Android phones and also being able to optimize RAM performance by providing other good effects.

Even so, the careless use of TWRP recovery can also be fatal you know! for example, OPPO F7 you are accidentally formatted totally so you have to do flashing again using a computer. Uh, horrified too …

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  • Download ADB ( Android Debug Bridge ) tools for your computer. In order to download ADB tools click here.
  • Once download complete extract it. Then download TWRP img. Click here to download TWRP img.
  • Copy downloaded TWRP img file to extracted ADB tools folder.
  • Now enable OEM unlock and USB debugging options. Follow below picture guide to enable those two options.
  • – Go to settings -> about phone
    – Tap 7 times on Version number to enable “Developer Options
    – Go to settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options and enable options
    – Once developer options are visible find “OEM unlock” and “USB Debugging” and enable them too.
  • Now connect your OPPO F9 to the computer using the USB cable. Before continuing further make sure to backup all your data on the Oppo Android phone. Once you connect your phone to the computer your OPPO F9 will ask permissions to connect with your computer with USB debugging.
  • Open downloaded ADB folder that contains TWRP img file too. Click on the address bar and type “cmd” to open command prompt point to the current folder you are in.
    • In the command prompt type
  • adb devices
    • If you see any device is listed then you are good to go. Now type below command to enter bootloaderadb reboot bootloader
    • Now you can see phone loaded in the bootloader. Then type below command to flash recovery. At the end of the command give the name of the TWRP img file you downloaded.fastboot flash recovery twrp-
    • Once the above process finished again type below commandfastboot boot twrp-
    • Now you can see TeamWin recovery has open on your phone.

How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 Without PC 100% Work

1. First download and install the ROM Manager application on Android. Please download ROM Manager via the Google Play Store HERE

2. After the ROM Manager application has been installed then open the application. Then the appearance will be as shown below

How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 Without PC

Please press Recovery Setup

3. Next select the Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP)

How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 Without PC

4. After selecting your android phone model, buddy

5. The next step, select Custom Recovery TWRP that you will install, then download.

6. After successfully downloading Select reboot to recovery to find out whether TWRP Recovery is installed or not.

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Thus posting Tipsandroid.ID this time about ” 3 Ways How to Install TWRP Oppo F7 Without PC 100% Work “. Hopefully it can be useful for all, especially Android smartphone users. If you want to share this post, it means you have returned our efforts to make this article. 

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