How to make a flowchart in Excel

Graphically ordering processes; learn how to make a flowchart in Excel and use the tool in addition to the common method.

Processes, works and activities need an organization of activities in order to be of quality, this is called operational flow. See below, how to make a flowchart in Excel and use the Microsoft tool to give a visual air to the needs of ordering processes, professional and personal. Excel has its own tool for this activity, SmartArt.

How to make a flowchart in Excel

The Excel tool for making the flowcharts is SmartArt, which is accessible from the top tabs of the Microsoft software.

  1. Starting the flowchart Open the saved work in Excel or start a new one in blank. Then press on the “Insert” tab, in the “Illustrations” group, click on “SmartArt” to start building your flowchart in Excel;
  2. Acting within SmartArt In the gallery “Choose a SmartArt Graphic Element”, click on “Process” and choose which model is closest to your graphic need to meet your purpose, be it simple, arrow or scaled and press “Ok”;
  3. Edit all flowchart information and shapes From the moment the flowchart is already present in your Excel work, just click on it and select the “SmartArt Design” tab, where several settings and changes can be made within the main work.

What changes can be made to the flowchart

Excel’s SmartArt Design tool allows for practical and simple changes and customization of flowchart aspects, including:

  • Add shape to flowchart;
  • Text tool for content;
  • Change of Main Layout ;
  • Customization of the flowchart color group;
  • Graphics transparency and opacity styles;
  • 2D or 3D formats.

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