How To Making Ringtones on iPhone

if you How To Making Ringtones on iPhone from your favorite songs , you can do that quickly by following the steps we are going to explain now. You don’t need to pre-download music to your computer to install iPhone ringtones . You can easily make your own ringtones using youtube videos.

Apple is constantly having issues with ” Creating Ringtones for iPhone “. Of course, it’s more interesting to sell them for money than the App Store. As Appleuzmani.net, it is our job to share new methods with you. Actually, it’s not about making iPhone ringtones. The main problem is dumping ringtones on iPhone . You can do that easily in this article.

First of all, I have to point out that we are using another app instead of iTunes. Applications Applications used all over the world. I have been using it for 3 years with no problems. Below is our explanatory video:

1- Create iPhone Ringtone file

1- Find the music track you want to make ringtone from Youtube. Find the video address from the address line and copy it.

2- Go to the Zilsesi.net site and paste the address of the song you want into the section that says “Paste Youtube address here” and press the ” Start ” button . 3-5 seconds will be processed. 

3- iPhone memungkinkan nada dering hingga 40 detik. Jadi pilih trek 40 detik yang diinginkan menggunakan bilah hijau di gelombang suara. iPhone mendukung nada dering hingga 40 detik. Pilih M4R dari opsi di bagian bawah dan klik tombol “ Unduh Nada Dering ”.

File nada dering diunduh:

Sekarang mari kita lempar nada dering ini ke iPhone kita:

iPhone ringtones

The 3uTools program is the easiest method to use for those who want to add ringtones to their iPhone. 3uTools; An alternative iTunes program that has proven its reliability over the years. You can perform many actions that iTunes doesn’t allow with 3uTools. One of them is to make a ringtone.

Step 1: First, download the 3uTools program from its website. Click to go to the program site .

Langkah 2: Setelah mengunduh program, instal di komputer Anda.

Langkah 3: Luncurkan 3uTools, sambungkan iPhone Anda ke PC. Jika ada masalah dengan koneksi, mungkin akan muncul peringatan seperti “Driver update”. Ambil tindakan dalam peringatan ini.

Langkah 4:   Setelah Anda melihat ponsel 3uTools Anda, pilih tempat yang bertuliskan Ringtone di sebelah kiri.

Step 5: Click where it says   ” Create Ringtone “. Click where it says ” From Pc “. Click “Multimedia Files” at the bottom right and select ” All files “. Select the “M4R ringtone” file you just downloaded and click the “Open” button. Press the “ Generate Ringtonetombol ”.

Done from your iPhone Settings menu “Sound” section of viewing your ringtone, you can set it as an effective ringtone.

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You can now create ringtones for your iPhone. Please share with us the points you have in mind.

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