How to Recover Suspended YouTube Account [Closed]

How to Recover Suspended YouTube Account – Your YouTube account may have been closed for some unknown reason. 

Many factors, such as the fact that you have acted outside the rules set by Google, can cause your YouTube account to be suspended. 

Now we will talk about how you can recover your suspended YouTube account.

Why Can My YouTube Account Be Closed?

As we just mentioned, YouTube has Community Guidelines. If you do not follow these rules, your account will be suspended. Now let’s explain what rules you may have broken:

  • Post or comment on hateful or harassing videos
  • Harassing other users, spam or pornography
  • Hatred
  • Copyright infringement

How to Recover Closed or Suspended YouTube Account

YouTube doesn’t want to lose any of its users unnecessarily. If your account has been closed, there is a valid reason for it. 

But if you believe and think it’s a mistake, there are a number of actions you can take. Now let’s see what they are.

How to Open a YouTube Account Closed Due to Community Guidelines Violations

If you think your channel/account, which Google declared closed for violating Community Guidelines, was closed in error, you must complete and submit the form here in full  You must fill in all required fields marked with *. These are, in order:

  • your full name
  • The email address you use to sign in to your YouTube channel
  • An email address we can use to contact you
  • Your suspended YouTube channel URL

After completing this section, explain the reason why your account was accidentally closed in the message box at the bottom. 

It is very important that your disclosures here are completely transparent in order for you to regain access to your account.

If you don’t know the exact username and credentials of your YouTube channel, you can use the following order:

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Click your profile photo in the top right, then click Settings.
  • Select Advanced settings in the left menu.
  • This way, you will have access to all the information about your channel.

If your channel has been closed due to copyright infringement and you believe that the reasons for the infringement are false, you can submit a counter notification or counter notification in free form to YouTube. Response notices can be sent by fax or email.

Feedback Notice

You should include the best details of the claimed content you are using in your video. To access this information, the steps you need to take are:

  • Sign in to  YouTube Studio
  • Select Content  in the left menu.
  • Say Filter, then select  Claim copyright  .
  • In the Restrictions column, hover over  the Copyright claim  next to your video .
  • Click  SHOW DETAILS .

Here’s what to do to send a counter notification:

  • Sign in to  YouTube Studio .
  • Select  Content  from the menu on the left.
  • Select Filter then Claim copyright and find the affected video.
  • In the Restrictions column, hover over the Copyright claim.
  • Click  SHOW DETAILS .
  • Under Actions, click  SELECT TRANSACTION  , then  Send counter notification  .
  • Enter your contact information and justification.
  • Be sure to include your full address and legal full name.
  • If your counter notification does not have the information necessary for the process, your report may be rejected.
  • Click SEND  .

After you say submit, your request reaches the plaintiff. This person is given 10 working days according to copyright law. 

As a result of this period, it becomes clear whether relevant content will be re-uploaded to the channel. Therefore, the re-opening of the channel also occurs as a result of this process.

Freeform Counter Notice

Creators with closed channels can access this action, but cannot access the counter notification web form. 

What these people do is send  a free-form counter notification  . First of all,  your contact information  must be complete:

  • Your first and last name (not your company name)
  • If you are an authorized agent of the installer (for example, if you are its attorney), you must also indicate your affiliation with the installer
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Phone number

Make sure to post all links to related content. You must submit all links in an understandable URL format. General information such as channel name or channel URL will not suffice. As you can see in the sample table below, all information should be clearly stated:

You must also include in your notice that you agree  to the following two statements  :

“I declare that I will be bound by the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court in the jurisdiction in which my address is located, or if my address is outside the United States, within the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction in which YouTube is located, and to receive notice of action from the plaintiff.”

“I swear on my honor and dignity that I believe in good faith that the material to be removed or deactivated was removed or disabled by mistake or as a result of a mis-identification.”

Physical or electronic signatures are also important in this process. A physical or electronic signature from the uploader or authorized agent is required to make decisions on your behalf. 

A legal name may also be included at the bottom of the notice for this requirement. The legal full name must consist of a first and last name, not a company name.

Time to send notifications. Include all of the above information in the body of the email (not as an attachment) and send it to  [email protected]  . Although results are visible within a few weeks on average, keep in mind that in some cases it may take longer.

Tweet ke TeamYouTube

The last way to Recover Suspended YouTube Account that you can use is to tweet on YouTube’s official Twitter account and share the status with them. 

Actually the ways we mentioned above are very effective for recovering your YouTube account, but it never hurts to increase your choices.

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