How to Remove Wi-Fi network from iPhone or iPad

How to Remove Wi-Fi network from iPhone or iPad – There are some occasions when we want to remove a Wi-Fi network from our device and we don’t know how. 

These situations can be very varied, such as: I want to delete that network because only my iPhone or iPad has connected and I don’t know who it belongs to, Wi-Fi doesn’t work for me and to see if it works I delete it and reconnect, or you simply changed your carrier and you don’t want iPhone to remember that network.

In any of these cases, you will have to forget the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone or iPad has connected to, and we will explain step by step how to delete a Wi-Fi network on your device.

How to Remove Wi-Fi network from iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad are capable of storing hundreds of passwords for Wi-Fi networks and they will never forget them unless we want them to. 

If this is your case, this is what you must do to delete a Wi-Fi from the iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app and click on the Wi—Fi option .
  2. You will now get a list with all the networks it has detected. Choose the one you want to delete and click Information (the ” i ” inside a circle to the right of the network).
  3. Next, click Skip This Network .
  4. Confirm the decision by clicking Skip . If you don’t want to skip it, click Cancel .
  5. You have already deleted that option. Don’t worry, it will reappear after a while in case you want to reconnect in the future.

And this is how you delete a Wi-Fi network from the iPhone or iPad. It is something simple that can be useful in some cases.

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