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How To Root Oppo N3 Without PC [100% WORK]

How To root Oppo N3, several applications are widely used by users of this 2015 Oppo product. In 2017, this product, commonly known as N3, has a lot of things that users need to know. Especially for those who want to do the root process, there is some information that will be beneficial if listening.

Before entering into the discussion of applications used to do the root process, it will first be discussed about the specifications. Some specification points need to be known to support the smooth root process. This can be a major factor in the success of root.

How To Root Oppo N3 Without PC

Specifications for Oppo N3 Android phones

Doing the Root Oppo N3 Without PC process should know the specifications first. Luckily, you don’t need to know all the specifications in full. All you need to know is at least three things. All three are the processor or chipset, CPU, and GPU and OS used.

The main information is about the processor used by the N3. For this product, the China-based Oppo supplies it with a Qualcomm MSM8974AA processor or chipset with Snapdragon 801. The full version of Snapdragon 801. Now, if you know that this phone uses a Qualcomm chipset, you must be careful when using the root application. Sometimes a choice of root systems offers a system that is only suitable for Qualcomm processors.

Then are the CPU and GPU. The N3 is marketed with a 2.3 GHz Krait 400 Quad-core CPU and an Andreno GPU version 330. The root process is likely to affect the system. The bias is the failure of the root process due to the incompatibility of the root system with the chipset that will change the hardware and both.

The last is about the OS or the Operating System. Provisions that are planted on the N3 is the Android OS system version 4.4.4. This system is commonly referred to as Android KitKat. You might be able to make modifications to the systems found on Oppo’s mobile phones for the middle class, especially after you do the Oppo N3 root process.

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How to Root Oppo N3 Without PC

The root that is done without a PC is only using an android-based root application. But keep in mind that Root Mobile Oppo Without PC  only needs to use trusted applications.

Using the Framaroot APK Application

1. The first step you must download and install the latest version of the Framaroot application here

2. If the app is compatible, then this application can be accessed; if not, then a warning will appear, “Your device does not seem vulnerable to exploited included in Framaroot,” as shown below.

3. Continue to open the framaroot application and select Install Superuser / SuperSU (Select One) then select Gandalf, as shown below.

4. Wait until the root process is complete. And If successful the notification will appear as in this picture, please click OK and the phone will automatically reboot.

5. If your Oppo N3 phone is perfectly rooted, the SuperSU or Superuser application will appear on your Android phone.

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Using the Special Oppo Tools Application Root Oppo Mobile

1. In the first step, you have to download the Oppo Tools application and install it as usual on your Oppo phone.

2. If Oppo Tools is already installed, please open the app, select the “Common” tab, and click the “Root” button below.

3. After following the instructions above, then a request will appear to install OppoToolsPlugin; please install the application.

4. if already installed, please continue by clicking on One Key Root, as shown below.

5. If you have done all the steps above and according to the instructions, your Oppo phone will automatically reboot. After the phone is on, check whether there is a SuperSU application on your Oppo phone, so the root process that you have done is successful.

How to Root Android Oppo N3 with PC

1. In the first step, please install the RootKHP program on your PC.

2. Please Enable Debugging Mode

– Open Settings / Settings

– Select About Device / About Phone

– Select Software Info on Version Number 4 in a row.

3. Then Open and Run the RootKHP Program then connect your Oppo phone to the computer using a data cable.

4. Then click on the Root button and wait for the notification to appear, as shown below.

5. Then, please wait for the Root Process on your Oppo phone to run until it finishes up to 10 minutes until a successful Root notification appears.

6. Done, but keep in mind the success of root depends on your phone’s firmware, so please use the latest version of the Root program for a better success rate.

Many applications can be used to root Android-based phones. If you want to do that on your Oppo N3, there are several recommendations for the root application specifically for you. Safely, the first recommendation is to use tools for rooting Oppo. You only need to download OppoTools and run it. Follow all instructions that begin with the Common menu. This method can only be done with your N3 phone.

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The second application that is widely used is the application called TWRP. Oppo N3 Mobile users worldwide have recognized this application as the most commonly used application to root the Oppo N3. The trick is easy, just by installing the soft file. The thing to note is that you need to run it with the help of a PC. You can choose to process root from the two methods above. Make sure you only want one method. Well, the first way is the easiest and can be done alone wherever you are.

Before doing the root process, make sure you understand that turning a cellphone into a rooted cellphone carries several risks. One of them is data loss and the ease with which viruses infect your cellphone system. The worst thing that can damage your cell from software to hardware. There is one more you must consider. Make sure you understand how to deal with the risks when you decide to root Oppo N3.