How To Shake Android Emulator

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How To Shake Android Emulator

Device shaking is a physical phenomenon that can only be experienced on real Android devices due to their sensors.

Because the AVD emulator’s sensors aren’t present in the virtual Android device, it can’t mimic a shake state.

Here’s the issue for newbie react native developers who want to use their virtual android smartphones’ Developer Menu or Dev Menu to debug their react native apps. We’ll learn about the React Native Shake Android Emulator in this lesson. To debug react native android apps on a Windows or Mac PC, go to the Developer Menu.

First we have to start our android emulator in our Windows or MAC system.

2. Now launch the react native app in your android emulator and also make sure the NPM server is started.

3. From keyboard press CTRL + M key combination in both Windows and MAC systems to open the Developer Debug Menu in android emulator.

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