How to strike through text in Microsoft Excel

It is too easy to strike through text in Microsoft Excel , we can “draw” a line that crosses the text with the strikethrough option in Excel. It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut (shortcut) or the strikethrough menu to achieve this. In the next article we will see how to do this with both methods.

How to strike through text in Excel with a keyboard shortcut

Obviously, the fastest and simplest way to cross out the text in Microsoft Excel is thanks to a keyboard shortcut, this shortcut can be used in all the applications that are part of Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

In order to use it, the first thing we will have to do is open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once we are on the sheet, we will have to click on the cell where we want to apply the strikethrough in question.

As long as we keep the cell selected, we will have to press Ctrl + 5 on Windows and Command + Shift + S on Mac, we can immediately see the strikethrough effect on the text.

Now the text will have a line in the middle that crosses it. If we want to remove the strikethrough, all we have to do is press the key combination we used previously. This deletes what we did, we can even try Ctrl + Z to undo in Windows.

It’s a pretty cool way of drawing people’s attention to specific areas of the spreadsheet. Although we also have other options such as highlighting upper and lower values.

From the tools menu

There is another option to be able to apply the text strikethrough in cells. For this we are going to open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Next, we will have to click on the cell where the text that we want to cross out is located.

Now, we go to the top, on the ribbon we are going to click on the “Home” tab.

In this tab we will have to go to the “Source” section and click on the icon that has an arrow pointing down.

Immediately, a new window opens called “Format Cells”. Here we will have to go to the “Effects” section and enable “Strikethrough”. Then we click “OK” to apply the changes, although from this window we can format it in many interesting ways.

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Once we click on “Accept” in the previous window, we will be able to notice that the text is already crossed out.

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