How to Transfer Android iOS Data? Details About Android iOS Data Transfer

When you change phones, you may need to transfer all your saved data to your new phone. While data transfer can be done easily within the same operating system; many users have difficulties when they switch to different operating systems. 

Switching to different operating systems, especially Android and iOS, may cause problems in data transfer. So, how to transfer Android iOS data? We told you what to do.

Users who change their operating system by buying a new phone often overestimate the issue of data transfer and may experience anxiety. 

Users who do not know how to transfer data start researching before completely replacing their phones. If you are going to buy a new phone,

it would be useful to read our article first. You can learn all the information about the Android iOS data transfer process by reading our article.

How to Android iOS Data Transfer?

Have you bought a new smartphone and wondering how to transfer data from Android to iOS? It is very important to transfer the existing files completely. You have to be very careful while performing the transfer process. 

Otherwise, many of your information may be deleted. So how to transfer data between Android and iOS? What should you pay attention to? We explained how you should do the operations in order.

1. How to Transfer Data from iOS to Android?

Transfer Agenda, Images and Directory

  • By installing Google Drive on your phone, connect the account you will use on your Android phone and upload the files you want to transfer to Drive. Then you can start downloading files by entering Drive from your Android device.
  • Press the grid menu in the upper left corner and press the Settings option.
  • Press the Backup button.
  • Go to ‘People, Calendar and Pictures’ and save the data you want to upload.
  • When you have completed your selection, press the Start Backup button.
  • When the device asks for access, accept and continue with your actions.
  • You will receive a confirmation message when the download is complete.

Transferring Contacts and Calendar from Settings

You can transfer directly from the Settings on your phone. At this stage, all you need to do is to activate the pairing by adding a Google account.

  • Go to the Settings (Profile section on iOS 10.3 and higher models) in iPhone. Open your mail account.
  • Check that the contact list and Agenda Matching options are turned on.
  • From the Contact List in the Settings menu, enter the Default Account section. Sign in to your Google account.
  • This way your phone will automatically transfer your data to your Google account.

 2. How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS?

  • Connect your Android phone to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Don’t forget to charge your new Apple phone.
  • If you want to transfer your saved addresses and bookmarks in Chrome, be sure to update the Chrome on your Android device to the latest version.
  • From the Apps and Data menu on your iOS device, press Move Data on Android.
  • Open the “Move to iOS” application on your Android phone and click Continue. After reading the terms and conditions, click I Agree.
  • Press Next in the upper corner of the “Find Your Code” screen.
  • On your iOS device, click on “Continue” on the “Move from Android” screen.
  • Wait for the 10 or 16 digit code to come up.
  • Enter the code received on your Android phone. Wait for the “Transfer Data” button to appear.
  • Select the data you want to transfer on your Android phone and press Next. Do not take any action until you are sure that the installation is complete on both devices.
  • When the process is complete on your iOS device, press “Done” on your Android phone.
  • Press Continue on your iOS phone and complete the process by following the steps that appear.

Android iOS Data Transfer Programs

If you want to transfer Android iOS data without losing your files, you can also use utilities. With iOS Android data transfer programs, you can transfer all your personal files to your new phone. Here are some data transfer programs:

1. Phone Clone

Phone Clone, developed by the Huawei brand, is offered to users free of charge. Thanks to Phone Clone, you can transfer between phones with the same operating system; You can also do it between different operating systems. You can easily transfer with the steps below.

  • Download the Phone Clone app on both devices.
  • Open the application on your old phone and click on the ‘This is an old phone’ button.
  • Likewise, mark your new phone as ‘New phone’.
  • Read the QR code that comes up.
  • Select the data you want to transfer.
  • The transfer will take place shortly.

2. Apower Trans

Apower Trans, which is one of the most preferred programs when transferring data between different operating systems, has a very plain and simple structure. Moreover, you can download this program to both your computer and your phone. Apower Trans program is extremely reliable as well as fast during data transfer. You can easily transfer between devices by following the items below:

  • Download Apower Trans app on both your devices.
  • Select the transferring and transferring phone.
  • Pair your devices with each other.
  • Start the process by selecting the data you want to transfer.

3. Wondershare Mobile Trans

  • Connect both of your phones to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Select the data you want to transfer and click “Start Transfer”.
  • Thus, your files will be uploaded to the target phone in a short time.

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