How to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music

Learn how to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music when switching from streaming service without much hassle.

Migrating to another streaming service doesn’t have to be as much work as you might think. With the help of some websites and apps, you can do this without having to create all your lists all over again. I show you below how to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music without much effort.

How to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music

Before starting, it is worth noting that in any of the services used for the migration, songs from one platform may not be part of the other’s catalog. In this case, these tracks will be ignored and will not be listed in the new stream.

It is not possible to migrate playlists between streaming services natively, but with the help of some sites, such as  TuneMyMusic , you will be able to easily change platforms, without having to manually create all your playlists. new. See how to use:

Time needed:  15 minutes.

  1. Access the TuneMyMusic website and create an account;Register by clicking the login button in the upper right corner;
  2. On the home screen, click on “let’s get started”;
  3. Select the source platform from your lists;Here, you choose the platform you currently use, in our case, Spotify;
  4. You will need to login;
  5. Select the way to choose the playlist;You can directly open and select or copy the playlist URL;
  6. Choose which songs will be migrated;You can choose the entire playlist or just a few tracks;
  7. Select the target platform;Choose the service you will migrate to, in this case, Amazon Music
  8. It will also be necessary to confirm the login on the new platform;
  9. Click start;The songs will be transferred and the process time depends on the amount of songs selected;

The free plan allows you to transfer 500 songs at a time. On the Premium plan, which costs $2 per month for annual payments, you can make the entire transfer at once. Anyway, it’s a nice help not having to create and configure all the lists manually.


Soundiiz  is a website with a free  plan to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music, just like Tune My Music. In this case, the free modality allows one list to be migrated at a time. After logging in to Spotify via the website, just select one to get started and choose the target platform. Repeat the process for all your playlists. This service also has an Android application .


SongShift is an iOS app that allows you to migrate Spotify playlists to Amazon Music among other streaming services. To use it, just log in to the source service, choose the one you want to convert (as in the previous cases, the free plan allows one list at a time), log in to the destination platform and start the transfer.

How to revoke access permissions on your account

If you’ve given up on the idea of ​​transferring playlists from Spotify to Amazon Music or you just don’t want to keep the services connected anymore, there’s a way to revoke access.

For Tune My Music, when logging into your account, click on the upper right corner, and then select “Account Settings”. Just choose the connected services and click “Disconnect”. For apps, it is necessary to override the permissions in the app permission area within the operating system.

Ready! It’s easier to transfer your Spotify playlists to Amazon Music without having to create them all again, no?

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