How to unblock an Amazon account

  • We will provide a series of tips that will help both sellers and customers to unblock an Amazon account.
  • It is essential to have all the documents required by the company to be able to unblock a suspended account.

Suspending an Amazon account is not exactly pleasant for both customers and sellers. It will be impossible for us to purchase products and use the services of the company. If we are sellers, we will not be able to continue our business until the problem is resolved. In this case it is essential to know how to unlock one account from Amazon.

Reasons why an Amazon account can be suspended

Before starting with the solutions to unblock an Amazon account, it is best to talk about the possible reasons why it is suspended or blocked.

Suspicious activity

We must bear in mind that Amazon is one of the safest and most reliable e-commerce , the safety of sellers and customers is fundamental for the company. For this reason, if Amazon detects any kind of suspicious activity in an account, be it a seller or a customer, it immediately becomes blocked.

Control an account from multiple IP and MAC addresses

Operating an account from multiple IP and MAC addresses can leave us with an account locked out. When we create an Amazon account on a particular computer, it captures the MAC address. When we log in to another computer, the company can block the account; There are many possibilities of suspension if we use a shared computer, especially if we use one in an Internet cafe, for example. This is because multiple Amazon users can log into the same computer.

As for the IP address, it is basically the same. This is why logging in to a device connected to public Wi-Fi is not recommended, as it can be used by multiple Amazon users. There are differences between a public IP and a private IP , so it is something that we have to take into consideration.

Incorrect or incomplete account information

One of the most “popular” reasons why an Amazon account is blocked. When we register as a seller, it is essential to provide all the required documents.

The company is in charge of reviewing the profile and validating the authenticity of the documents provided. If any discrepancies are found in your account details, the account will be suspended. Obviously, during this period, no kind of product can be sold.

Providing poor service to your customers

All Amazon sellers must have a good account to avoid suspension. The performance of the account will depend to a greater extent on three factors:

  • Defect rate of your order, this must not exceed 1%.
  • The total cancellation of the order must also not exceed 2.5%.
  • Late shipping orders must be no more than 4%.

How To Unblock an Amazon account

Send the required documents

This is a fairly simple method, sadly not available to Amazon sellers. If you are an Amazon customer and your account is blocked, we must follow these instructions:

  • The first thing we will do is open the web browser and log in with our credentials.
  • We open the email confirming the shipment of the last order.
  • We are going to click on the link that we can see in the email to access our Amazon account. We would have to see most of the information, except for the product details.
  • Next, we try to buy something on Amazon.
  • When we try to buy, we will see a message that will say something similar to “Your Amazon account is blocked and orders are on hold.”
  • We should also be able to see a button that says “Add documents.” We will click on this button and proceed to add the necessary documents.

When we finish sending all the documents, we will have to wait for them to be reviewed, this may take a while.

Contact Amazon

Another option is to contact Amazon support in our country. We will call you and explain why our account was blocked. It is important to ask the account specialist to review ours and try to unlock it.

Chat online

We can also use the online chat function, for this we must log in to Amazon. The problem is that, having the account blocked, we will have to use another active account. After logging in, we will communicate with Amazon through online chat and provide them with all the information that is requested. Explain in detail why the account was blocked. The account specialist should review all the information and will do what they think is necessary.

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How to appeal an Amazon suspension?

In order to submit an appeal, it is essential to provide all the documents requested by the company and to have an action plan. This is important, we must have a detailed explanation on the matter.

  • We must assure the team of specialists that the incident will never happen again.
  • Explain the steps we will take to improve our services on Amazon.
  • Never blame a customer.

Obviously, none of this guarantees that the account will be unlocked, this will depend on the severity of the violation.

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