How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac – Are you struggling to clear up space on your Mac by getting rid of unused applications? Uninstalling apps on a Mac is a straightforward process that can free up valuable storage and improve your device’s performance.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to uninstall apps on your Mac, whether they were downloaded from the App Store or third-party sources.

Say goodbye to clutter and make your Mac run more smoothly by following these easy steps.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

Learning how to uninstall apps on Mac is essential for maintaining a clean and efficient system. Below are several methods you can use:

Method 1: Using the Drag-and-Drop Method

One of the simplest ways to uninstall apps is by using the drag-and-drop method. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the application you want to uninstall in the “Applications” folder.
  2. Click and hold the app icon.
  3. Drag the app icon to the Trash bin located in your Dock.
  4. Right-click the Trash bin and select “Empty Trash” to permanently remove the app.

Method 2: Using Launchpad

Launchpad offers an intuitive way to manage your applications. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Launchpad from the Dock or by searching for it in Spotlight.
  2. Locate the app you want to uninstall.
  3. Click and hold the app icon until it starts jiggling.
  4. Click the “X” icon in the top-left corner of the app icon.
  5. Confirm the uninstallation by clicking “Delete” in the prompt.

Method 3: Using Finder

Finder provides another method for uninstalling apps:

  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to the “Applications” folder.
  2. Find the app you want to uninstall.
  3. Right-click the app and select “Move to Trash.”
  4. Empty the Trash to complete the uninstallation.

Method 4: Using Third-Party Uninstaller Apps

For more comprehensive app removal, you can use third-party uninstaller apps like “AppCleaner” or “CleanMyMac.” These tools help you locate and delete all associated files, ensuring a thorough uninstallation.

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How to Uninstall Apps on Mac from the App Store

Step 1: Launch Launchpad

Open Launchpad either from your dock or by using the “F4” key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Locate the App

Find the app you want to uninstall by scrolling through the app icons or using the search bar.

Step 3: Press and Hold

Press and hold the app icon until all the icons start jiggling.

Step 4: Click Delete

Click the “X” button that appears on the app icon you wish to delete.

Step 5: Empty the Trash

Open the Trash from the dock, then click “Empty” to permanently remove the app and its associated files.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac Third-Party

Step 1: Close the App

Ensure the app you want to uninstall is closed.

Step 2: Open Finder

Click on the Finder icon in the dock or press “Command + Space” and type “Finder.”

Step 3: Go to Applications

In the Finder sidebar, click on “Applications.”

Step 4: Locate the App

Find the app you want to uninstall in the Applications folder.

Step 5: Move to Trash

Drag and drop the app’s icon into the Trash in the dock.

Step 6: Empty the Trash

Right-click the Trash and select “Empty Trash” to permanently remove the app.

Using Launchpad to Uninstall

Launchpad can also be used to uninstall apps similar to the App Store method. Simply follow Steps 1 through 4 from the previous section.

Cleaners and Uninstaller Apps: Are They Necessary?

While there are various cleaner and uninstaller apps available, macOS is designed to manage app installations and removals efficiently. These third-party apps are often unnecessary and can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Managing Leftover Files

When you uninstall an app, some associated files might still remain on your system. Here’s how to find and delete them:

Step 1: Library Folder

Go to the “Go” menu in Finder, then select “Go to Folder” and type “~/Library.”

Step 2: Preferences and Caches

Look for folders related to the app’s name in the “Preferences” and “Caches” folders. Delete them.

Step 3: Search for the App’s Name

Use the search function in Finder to locate any other files related to the app and delete them.

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Uninstalling apps on your Mac is a simple yet effective way to declutter your system, free up space, and optimize performance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily remove both App Store and third-party apps. Remember to manage leftover files to ensure a thorough cleanup.

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