How to use Mi Cloud to track a lost or stolen Xiaomi

Learn how to track a Xiaomi cell phone; the process can be done on the company’s own website or using the Google account.

Xiaomi has a native tool that helps you find lost devices. Through  Mi Cloud, it is possible to check the exact location of a cell phone that has been the victim of theft or loss, and even delete data and applications remotely. Find out how  to track a Xiaomi smartphone  in the step-by-step guide below.

How to use Mi Cloud to track a lost or stolen Xiaomi

  1. Acesse a Mi CloudOpen your browser and enter the  i.mi.com website .
  2. loginClick on “Sign in with Mi Account” and go to your profile.
  3. Enter Xiaomi device trackerWhen the page loads, click on “Find device”.
  4. Check your device’s locationWait for the map to display the location of the cell phone.


When you find the location of a cell phone stolen or stolen by the platform, don’t take any chances : look for the police and register a police report .

Make a beep to find the device

Is your cell phone nearby? No problem: Mi Cloud lets you emit a beep to find the device. Using the function is very simple: 

  1. Access Mi Cloud ( i.mi.com ) through your browser and log in.
  2. Enter “Find device” .
  3. Click on “Play sound” .
  4. Press the “Play sound” button to finish.

The alert will be triggered immediately if the device is connected to the internet, helping to find the exact location of the device.

When you find it, just turn off the sound signal directly from your smartphone.

How to Lock a Xiaomi Device

Mi Cloud offers an option to lock the device with a password. In this way, the smartphone prevents access by unknown persons immediately. The procedure protects bank applications, email, social networks and the like. Learn how to trigger the screen lock remotely below:

  1. Access Mi Cloud ( i.mi.com ) through your browser and log in.
  2. Enter “Find device” .
  3. Click on “Lost Mode” .
  4. Confirm lock in “Switch to Lost Mode” .

If the mobile phone is offline or turned off, the screen lock will be enabled as soon as the smartphone is connected to the internet.

This native security feature keeps location tracking active. According to Xiaomi, the positioning will be updated continuously. “If your device is turned off, an SMS will be sent to locate it,” they explained. 

Mi Pay cards will also be removed when triggering the lock.

Remember that this process is reversible. That is, if you recover the stolen or lost device, you can unlock the device using the Xiaomi account password.

Erase Data from a Lost or Stolen Xiaomi

The option to erase all data from a device is irreversible. That is, once triggered, the information stored on the device will be permanently removed.

Has your Xiaomi cell phone been stolen or you couldn’t find it? So, it’s better to erase data remotely and restore factory settings via Mi Cloud:

  1. Access Mi Cloud ( i.mi.com ) through your browser and log in.
  2. Enter “Find device” .
  3. On the map, click on “Clear data” .
  4. Complete the process in “Erase” .

All information saved on the smartphone such as contacts, photos, emails and the like will then be removed, including what is stored on the memory card.

The function also disables synchronization and removes the cards registered in Mi Pay.

Xiaomi smartphone owners can still control the device remotely after performing a factory reset. 

How to Track a Xiaomi Using Google Account

In addition to Mi Cloud, Xiaomi cell phones can also use the Google Play location service. Thus, users have one more option to lock and erase the phone remotely. Learn  how to use Find My Device to track Android by Google .

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