How To Use Two Different WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone?

Did you know that you can use two different WhatsApp accounts on iPhone? Using two different WhatsApp accounts on iPhone is very easy with this app.

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is designed to use one account per iPhone. WhatsApp , where users register with their phone numbers, does not have a feature such as account switching. 

However, with the application called WhatsApp in the App Store,  you can use two different WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone . So how does this happen?

How to Install Two Whatsapp on iPhone

1- Using safari browser on your device tutuapp Download the app to your device. You can download the tutuapp application from its own site by clicking the link I gave.

2- Since the  Tutuapp application is not installed from the apple store, it is not detected as a safe application and does not work. From your device to verify the reliability of the application; Click on Settings – General – Profiles and Device Management. Say trust this application by clicking on China Mobile Group under the enterprise application. After saying trust, the application will appear as verified.

3- Search for whatsapp from the search section of the program by entering the Tutuapp application. The original application of whatsapp++ will appear at the top ; do not install this. Click the download button next to the WhatsApp++ duplicate application, which is in the second place  . This is a copied one-to-one version of whatsapp and it works flawlessly. After the download is finished, the WhatsApp application will appear in the main menu of your phone with its original icon.

4- You can set up your second account by clicking on the newly installed whatsapp application. The number you define when setting up an account must be installed on any phone. Whatsapp will send a verification code to the installed line. After installation, you can use both WhatsApp accounts without any problems.

Note: The only disadvantage of the program is the ads that appear in the application. But it is not disturbing. They are google ads that you can turn off at any time.

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This is the process to be applied in the process of installing a second WhatsApp application on iPhone phones. You can report your questions and opinions in the comment section.

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