30+ List Exxen Free Membership Passwords August 2021

You can use Exxen free membership passwords to watch Exxen, which has recently started broadcasting . Thanks to Exxen free membership passwords , you can watch the content you want comfortably on the platform.

What is Exxen?

Exxen, by definition , is a new generation digital platform implemented by Acun Medya. Exxen, which has many productions in its content, especially includes many Youtubers. In addition to Exxen programs, there are cartoon series, comedy shows, series and various competitions. Exxen, which is offered with a monthly fee of 9.9 TL compared to other platforms, offers an advantage in this respect. In addition, there is no charge for the first 7 days trial period on the platform.

Which Productions Are In Exxen?

The productions presented in Exxen are as follows;

  • Documentary
  • 2021-: 2008 National Team Story (Fatih Terim)
  • 2021-: Avenue Avenue Istanbul
  • 2021-: K-POP
  • 2021-: Tosuncuk
  • 2021-: Glass Again Glass
  • 2021-: MasterChef Junior (Mehmet Yalçınkaya, Danilo Zanna & Somer Sivrioğlu)
  • 2021-: Next Top Model (Burcu Esmersoy)
  • 2021-: Fight Club (Bilgehan Demir)
  • 2021-: Did You Be That Man? (Ali Biçim & Mesut Can Tomay)
  • 2021-: Foot Tennis
  • 2021-: Lucky or Unlucky? (Light of Orkun)
  • 2021-: My Magical Mother
  • 2021-: Şeref Bey
  • 2021-: The Usual Suspects
  • 2021-: Void
  • 2021-: As
  • 2021-: Student House
  • 2021-: Yetis Zeynep
  • 2021-: Astrological Codes (Hande Kazanova & Dinçer Güner)
  • 2021-: We Are Foreigners Of These Areas
  • 2021-: Veterinarian Tugay İnanoğlu and Friends (Tugay İnanoğlu)
  • 2021-: Pitched (Beyazıt Öztürk & İbrahim Büyükak)
  • 2021-: @Enis Arıkan (Enis Arıkan)
  • 2021-: Dirty Clothes (Orkun Isıtmak)
  • 2021-: Zeynep Bastık and Her Guests (Zeynep Bastık

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How to Open Exxen Trial Membership?

You can follow these steps to open Exxen 7-day trial subscription ;

  • First, log in to the Exxen address.
  • Then click the 7 days free watch link in the right corner.
  • Enter your Name, Surname and e-mail information on the page that opens.
  • Select the link to watch 7 days free.
  • Write your password and phone number on the page that opens.
  • Confirm the contract that follows.
  • After entering your card information, you can start your free 7-day subscription.

You can use free Exxen accounts as this method only offers 1 week, 7 days monitoring.

Free Exxen Memberships

Thanks to free Exxen memberships , you can enjoy all content for free. Free Exxen memberships are as follows;

  • Mail:
  • Password: ilhaaaorkun13
  • –
  • – kraaaaladam 731
  • –
  • 1234aa568b87
  • sparaakone45
  • ardadd1905
  • 55131dd93tako
  • 05348543121tar
  • onurgursu123
  • 1598aa520m

Important note

Since free Exxen accounts are used by a single user, they may become invalid after a user use them. Therefore, if you have not had a free Exxen membership after trying all the accounts, you can request new Exxen memberships by commenting on the topic .

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