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How To User Dark Mode On Mac [100% WORK]

How To User Dark Mode On Mac – In macOS you will find a dark mode, which ensures that everything gets a dark display. The menus, apps and other items are then darkened. Since macOS Mojave, this dark mode is even more extensive. Here’s how it works. How To Use Dark Mode MacOS Apple offers you the option to use dark colors in macOS . This… Read More »

How To Dark Mode iPhone and iPad [100% WORK]

In this tip you can read how to dark mode iPhone and iPad. We show you how to change the setting manually, but also how you can have it changed automatically. Dark mode on iPhone and iPad The dark mode on the Mac was introduced in MacOS Mojave . A year later, the feature also came to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 . In this tip, we will discuss… Read More »