Top 10 4K TV in 2022: Prices and Best 4K TV

Do you want to know which are the 10 best 4K televisions in 2022?  We tell you which are the best 4K TV brands for quality and price. It seems that 2021 is the time to buy a 4K television, especially since the prices of televisions with this screen resolution are finally more affordable and cheaper than in previous years.

  • And we already have models with 8K resolution such as the Samsung Q800T, the Q900T, the Sony Z8H 8K or the LG Signature ZX 8K OLED, but their price is still prohibitive (they are not worth it in 2021). Better to wait a few years.

Why? Television companies are already introducing their first models with 8K resolution, and content creators are increasingly offering 4K resolution material, which definitely boosts their sales.

What is a 4K TV? Differences between 4K, Ultra HD or UHD? It is the same with different names. 4K TVs have four times more pixels than Full HD TVs. This means that their displays are much sharper and you can really appreciate the additional depth and detail.

How much does a 4K TV cost?

The prices of these 4K televisions range from 300 euros to about 2,000, 3,000 euros. For between 1000-2000 euros you have some of the best 4K TVs of 2021.

Why? It is a mid-range that gives tremendous performance. Television brands want you to buy a new model in a shorter period of time … nothing to have your television more than 10 years in your living room as before. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to put a 65 ″ TV in your home.

  • Do you want to spend little money on your TV? There are also many options with good prices. For less than 400 euros you have the entry-level 4K TVs.
  • For less than 1000 euros you have very interesting options with some of the technological advances of the year.
  • If you want to buy the best of the best you will have to go up to 2000 euros.

What should you know to buy your new 4K TV?

Top 10 4K TV in 2022
  • 4K / UHD: 4 times higher than the famous Full HD 1080p
  • Curved vs flat TVs: It goes by taste. The curves are more immersive and with better contrast, but they have some cons such as an increase in reflections and a somewhat limited viewing angle. If you buy a curved TV, it must be really big to take advantage of it. They are more expensive than flat ones.
  • HDR or High Dynamic Range: it offers better black and white and of course better colors. There is more and more content that supports this option.
  • LCD / LED vs OLED: LCD / LED TVs are cheaper than OLEDs. OLED TVs provide a better color gamut and perfect contrast. The latest generation LED televisions with all the additions have nothing to envy to OLED TVs.
  • QLED: It is a more advanced form of LED display. In addition to a traditional LED backlighting system, the quantum dot layer allows light to be specifically tuned pixel by pixel on a base using higher or lower frequencies: blue light is controlled by the backlight, while light red and green is tuned by the respective points in the quantum dot layer. Consequence? We get an RGB image that is brighter and more vibrant than an LED screen and is less expensive to produce than an OLED screen.

What are the 10 best 4K TVs for value for money in 2021?

We leave televisions from previous years on the list because their price has been reduced compared to the most modern models of 2020.

1.-Samsung QLED 4K 2020 65Q80T – Smart TV of 65 ″ with 4K UHD Resolution

Top 10 4K TV in 2022
  • Artificial Intelligence 4K and HDR 10+
  • Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) the TV adjusts the volume and clarity of the dialogue 
  • Direct full array hdr 1500 with brightness up to 1500 nits
  • Voice Assistants (Bixby, Google Assistant or Alexa)
  • Ots (object tracking sound) thanks to its 6 speakers and artificial intelligence, the sound is reproduced only in the exact place where the action occurs
  • Ambient Mode + (camouflages the TV with the wall), One Remote Control 

We stick with this part of the Samsung range because they add enough without raising the price of the TV too much. If you switch to the Q70T models, you already start to miss quite interesting things and they do not inform you of the brightness of the TV.

The OTS sound is really well achieved, the 4K image is sharp, the HDR is vibrant and the image does not show any “lag”. The design is average but not out of place.

The large amount of advertising they offer in the TV menus is a bit irritating (it can be blocked via DNS or directly on the router). The screen does not support Samsung’s anti-glare, so stay away from bright lights. It does not have Dolby Vision.

2.-LG OLED55CX 2020 – Smart TV 4K OLED

Top 10 4K TV in 2022
  • Compatible with 100% HDR formats
  • 4K OLED 139 cm (55″) with Artificial Intelligence
  • Dolby Vision / ATMOS sound
  • Webos 5.0 smart tv operating system
  • Intelligent 4K α9 Gen3 14-Bit Processor with Integrated Deep Learning

LG’s mid-range to power. Spectacular what this TV offers. An OLED TV with an excellent 4K image, spectacular to use for gaming (it is compatible with 4K / 120Hz, something that the PS5 or Xbox Series X needs and compatible with HDR Gaming Interest Group) … and much cheaper than the C9 of the year previous.

The design remains excellent, the operating system continues to perform very well (and has AI capabilities), and the upscaling is responsive. It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. The sound responds but is not spectacular.

The colors it offers are deep and the contrast tremendous. The depth of the blacks is spectacular and it is brighter than the C9 models (although it is not the brightest OLED TV). It has TruMotion, Cinema Clear and Dolby Vision.

3.-Hisense UHD TV 2020 55AE7000F – Smart TV 4K Resolution with integrated Alexa

Top 10 4K TV in 2022
  • With Precision Color technology to offer the best color
  • UHD upscaling with AI, scene recognition and Alexa compatible
  • Adaptive Ultra Dimming Brightness System
  • Audio surround DTS Studio Sound
  • Unibody design with ultra slim bezels, double stand and cable solution
  • With built-in Alexa
  • Operating system Vidaa U 4.0
  • It has WIFI and Bluetooth

Hisense does not disappoint any year with its low-cost, high-performance models. And for a few years now, they have included the Alexa voice assistant in their functionalities and many apps in their OS: Prime video, Netflix, Youtube, DAZN, or RAKUTEN TV… although it doesn’t have HBO or Disney + (search the internet for how to install new apps).

The design is ultra thin, the remote comes with a microphone and is compatible with DTS Studio Sound, HDR10 + surround audio and offers good color thanks to Precision Color. The brightness reaches 1000 nit something really good in such a low price TV.

It has good shine, bold and deep dark colors. Rescaling works very well. The OS is the worst of the TV compared to LG or Samsung, but it works decently.

4.-LG 65NANO80 – Smart TV 4K NanoCell 65 ″ with Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 4K TV in 2022
  • LG NanoCell compatible with HDR10 Pro and HLG
  • With Ultra Surround Sound
  • Smart TV webOS 5.0 operating system with Artificial Intelligence: LG ThinQ AI, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Magic Control AN-MR20GA, required for Artificial Intelligence functions, included, Compatible with Alexa

You have to know what you buy with this range from LG. These are your low-medium level televisions. It has an IPS panel with good viewing angles, but that implies a somewhat poor contrast and blacks appear somewhat gray on certain occasions.

It has good options for gaming, has a decent response time and a very low lake. HDR content does not “shine” on this TV but offers good color representation. WebOS is a blessing. One of the best operating systems.

5.-LG 70UN7100 – Smart TV 4K UHD of 70 ″ with Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 4K TV in 2022

  • 177 cm (70 ″) LG Smart TV 4K UHD with Artificial Intelligence support
  • Compatible with HDR10 Pro and HLG
  • Enjoy the experience of Ultra Surround Sound
  • SmartTV webOS 5.0 operating system
  • Magic Control AN-MR20GA, required for Artificial Intelligence functions, not included, Compatible with Alexa

The first thing that stands out is the size, but if you want a smaller model, you also have it (43 ″, 49 ″ etc). And the good thing about it is that its price is knockdown. A very cheap TV.

It is an entry-level smartTV. Keep this in mind so as not to be disappointed. It has a 70 ″ IPS panel with Direct LED backlighting, is compatible with HDR10 + and HLG and has two 2x10W speakers.

Its sound is not too good, but for this price we cannot ask for more. The image quality for an IPS panel is good, although the blacks are somewhat lacking. It is compatible with various voice assistants and has a low latency mode for gaming.

6.-Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 43TU7095 – Smart TV de 43″, 4K, HDR 10+, Procesador 4K

Top 10 4K TV in 2022

  • 43 ″ Smart TV with 4K resolution and HDR 10+,
  • With PurColor, Intelligent Sound, One Remote Control Function and Compatible Voice Assistants

Entry-level Samsung 43 ″ SmartTV, which means that its price is laughable, but you have to know that it does not have the best technology from Samsung.

It is available in various sizes. It also has gaming functions: Game Enhancer, which optimizes your screen to eliminate lag. It has a good viewing angle, few reflections, and decent sound for a TV that costs less than 400 euros. The processor is not very powerful, so don’t ask too much of it.

This model and the one from Hisense are two of the best cheap TVs of the year.

7.- Sony KD-65XH8196 -Televisor 4K HDR (procesador X1 4K HDR, Triluminos, 4K X-Reality PRO

Top 10 4K TV in 2022

  • 4k HDR television with x-reality pro, triluminos screen and Android TV
  • Compatible con google assistant, compatible con Alexa, airplay, apple homekit
  • With dolby atmos and dolby vision
  • Caiman automatic calibration

A cheap Sony TV that gives a lot of joys. The operating system may not be as good as that of LG or Samsung, but the TV delivers and its price is moderate.

The X1 4K HDR processor generates hyper-realistic details and textures and converts 2K and HD signals. It has Motionflow so sports and fast action look smooth and sharp, without blurring. It is compatible with all voice systems (they are controlled with the remote).

Do you hit? The blacks are not spectacular and it lacks some shine. If you want to enjoy the movies … you’d better buy another model, but occasionally watching TV isn’t bad at all.

8.-Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q60T – Smart TV of 55 ″ with 4K UHD Resolution

Top 10 4K TV in 2022

  • QLED TV with quantum dot: inorganic technology that reproduces 100% of the color volume at any brightness level
  • 4k artificial intelligence: capable of improving the image and sound to 4k quality in real time thanks to the samsung processor
  • Hdr 10+: hdr technology creates deeper blacks and enhances the level of detail in every scene
  • Intelligent sound: adjusts the sound by detecting variations, adapting to the type of scene thanks to intelligence
  • Multi view: allows you to see the screen of your smartphone on the TV while playing the content on it
  • Voice assistants: access your favorite content through the voice assistants built into your TV. You can talk to Alexa on your device.
  • Ambient mode: forget the screens and personalize your TV with photos or your favorite music

A good Samsung TV with a few worthwhile additions, such as HDR10 + or Ambient Mode. It’s not as good as the top-ranked TV, but it’s also cheaper. It does not have Direct Full Array (improves contrast and offers better blacks) or OTS for sound.

Samsung QLED TV Comparison 2020

Artificial intelligenceIA 4KIA 8KIA 8KIA 4KIA 4KIA 4KIA 4K
Direct Full ArrayNODirect Full Array EliteDirect Full Array PremiumDirect Full Array PlusDirect Full Array NONO
OTS (Object Tracking Sound)NOYesYesYesYesNONO
Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
One Remote ControlOne Remote ControlPremium One RemotePremium One RemotePremium One RemoteOne Remote ControlPremium One RemoteOne Remote Control
Voice AssistantsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ambient ModeAmbient ModeAmbient Mode +Ambient Mode +Ambient Mode +Ambient Mode +Ambient Mode +Ambient Mode +
Game EnhancerAndReal Game Enhancer +Real Game Enhancer +Real Game Enhancer +Real Game Enhancer +Real Game Enhancer +Real Game Enhancer +

9.-Philips Ambilight 58PUS8505 / 12 – 58 Inch Smart TV (4K) 

  • 58-inch TV with Ambilight
  • Dolby and HDR sound for richer colors and deeper sound.
  • HDR 10+ and P5 Perfect Picture Engine: Contrast quality with fluid movements and vivid colors.
  • With Android system to access the Google Play Store, enjoy Netflix content
  • Voice control function.

A good Philips TV available from 43 ″ to 70 ″. The Ambilight system gives a good touch of color to your living room (it is customizable), it has a good brightness and good image sharpness. The sound is achieved although you do add a good sound bar better.

It is not a Premium model, but it more than delivers. You can mirror the screen with your smartphone and it is very comfortable to use with voice commands. The Android OS could be improved a bit, but it works quite smoothly.


  • TV of 50 ″ 1800HZ – Direct LED – Resolution 4K UHD
  • 2 x USB 3.0 (Player + Recorder) – 2 x HDMI 2.0
  • Contrast 5000: 1 – Brightness 280 cd / m2 – Response time 9.5ms
  • Viewing angle 178/178 degrees – Dolby Digital Plus (DD +)

Your last choice as a 4K TV. Perfect for a holiday apartment or for a second bedroom. Really cheap at. the size of 50 ″. The trick is that it is not a Smart TV, so you must buy a smartTV Box to be able to access your apps.

Size of a TV based on its inches

In the following table you can check the measurements of the TV based on its inches and the area it occupies.

32″70.9 cm39.9 cm0.283 m2
40″88.6 cm49.8 cm0.441 m2
43″95.3 cm53.6 cm0.511 m2
50″110.7 cm62.2 cm0.689 m2
55″121.7 cm68.6 cm0.835 m2
60″132.8 cm74.7 cm0.992 m2
65″144.0 cm81.0 cm1.166 m2
70″154.9 cm87.1 cm1.349 m2
75″166.1 cm93.5 cm1.553 m2

Optimal distance to watch a TV

Here you have a very useful table where you can check the appropriate distances depending on the inches of your TV and its resolution. Summary? Better resolution equates to being able to watch TV closer.

Screen sizeOptimal distance
Optimal distance
25″0.98 m0.46 m
30″1.16 m0.52 m
35″1.35 m0.61 m
40″1.56 m0.71 m
45″1.74 m0.8 m
50″1.93 m0.89 m
55″2.14 m0.98 m
60″2.32 m1.16 m
65″2.5 – 2.6 m1.25 m
70″2.72 m1.35 m

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And what about TV SmartTV and privacy?

An issue that is beginning to be in the pillory. Does your SmartTV watch you? Yes… it cannot be said otherwise. You have to read the privacy policies of each company to know what data they are collecting.

The most drastic measure to protect your privacy? Do not connect your Smart TV to the internet, but then you will no longer have a smart TV. You can also consider installing something like Pi-hole in your home, which is an ad blocker and other services that violate your privacy (for advanced users).

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