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What is DRParser Mode on Android

What is DRParser Mode on Android– One thing that all manufacturers have in common is that they pre-install some form of secret debugging program on their phones to test things.

Different manufacturers have different techniques of troubleshooting and debugging their phones.

This post will explain all you need to know about the DRParser mode on Samsung smartphones.

What is DRParser Mode on Android

The DRParser mode is a covert program that acts as a middleman between the user and the gadget. Create a bypass entrance to your Android phone from another device with its assistance. Additionally, it enables thorough analysis of the state of your mobile device.

What is DRParser mode?

On Samsung Android devices, the DRParser mode is a hidden software that may be used to access several settings screens, such as Sysdump, the Service mode, or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypassing your Google Account.

The main purpose of the DRParser mode is to make it easier for users to access the Sysdump or service mode, which contains an image of the ROM that is currently in use and allows you to restore your phone if something goes wrong.

Before making any Android functioning framework changes or introducing new ROM images, you need have a reinforcement of the framework ROM.

DRParser codes

Here are some DRParser codes you should know about:

DRParser codeDescription
*#9900#Opens Service mode and shows all the system logs. 
*#0*#Opens a secret menu with different system testing options.
*#0011#Shows GSM status information. 
*#9090#Shows USB Developer options.
*#06#Shows IMEI information.
*#1234#Shows AP (Application Processor), CSC (Consumer Software Customisation), CP (Communication Processor) information and phone model. 
*#0288#Shows battery information.
*#2222#Hardware version and related information.
*12580*369#Shows both hardware and software versions.
*#0808#USB service options.
*#0283#Shows audio loopback controls.
*#2663#TSK/TSP firmware update options.
*#34971539#Updates camera firmware.

How Do I Turn on DRParser Mode?

Since this program is concealed, it is not possible to get its advantages in a single move. You must input a Samsung secret code to access the site. To activate the DRParser mode, carefully follow the instructions provided:

  • Open the “calculator” on your phone.
  • Type “(+30, 012,012,732+”
  • There will be a fresh DRParser code screen.
  • Now enter the necessary secret code from the list of codes.
  • Every code possesses a unique property.

Process for Disabling DRParser

DRP mode enables you to use a different device to access your phone, however imposters also use this method to get into a device. Therefore, it is always preferable to keep your phone in DRP disabled mode for further protection.

You may use it to shield your data and files from unauthorized access. The mode may be turned off via the ADB mechanism or any other third-party application.

To turn off the mode, carry out the steps. For this method, you will need two devices, such as your primary phone and a laptop or computer:

  • On your PC or any other third-party program, first download the ADB. Select “settings” from the menu. Next, choose “system.”
  • Then select “about the phone” from the menu. At least seven times in a row, tap the Build Number option.
  • It will then enable the developer option and make it visible. Return to the settings page. Enter the “developer” option now.
  • Select USB debugging by clicking. Open your computer’s ADB debugging software. Bring the Zip File into a folder at this time.
  • Right-click on the empty spot while holding down the shift key, then open the folder.
  • Click “Open Powershell window” at this time. On the bar option, type “adb devices.” Utilize a USB cord to link your phone and PC.
  • Keep the file transfer mode selected. When the USB notice appears, select “OK.”
  • Type the “adb devices” command once again. The phone will display the serial number.
  • “Adb shell pm uninstall – user 0 parser” should be typed. The DRParser mode will be successfully uninstalled with this command.

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