What Should Be Considered When Buying a Used Phone

Hello friends, Of course, we all want to buy a new phone, but in some cases, our economy does not allow to buy a new device. When this is the case, do we turn to second-hand devices? But do we know what to consider when buying?

A few days ago, a post in the iPhone Group on the Facebook social media network caught my attention. The problem of our friend who asked the question was as follows

X people were selling iPhone 12 Pro through the Letgo 2nd Hand Trading application. The buyer and the seller came to an agreement on the price and ended the trade. A Message comes 2 weeks after the device is delivered to the Purchaser with Domestic Box and Postpaid. Your device will be shut down within 1 week upon a stolen report. You must come to the nearest police station. No matter how much he wanted to reach the seller, he could not reach and the seller closed his Letgo account.

There are two options here. The person using the phone will not go to the police and be forced to use a stolen phone, and the device will be turned off, or he will go to the police and deliver the phone.

Well, I hear you say, isn’t there something strange here?

Yes, there is a strangeness, the device is invoiced, guaranteed and also boxed. Seller Zero steals the device as a phone, or buys it from someone else who stole it. By issuing a fake invoice, it is pretended to be invoiced and guaranteed. The end user buys the device by looking at the invoice. So far everything is normal.

When there is already an invoiced product, we buy that product with direct confidence. But we do not take into account that the theft part is the stolen and fake invoices.

2. Considerations when buying a handheld device

  1. Invoice document with wet signature and Serial Number
  2. Strictly ORIGINAL of the invoice, Wet signed and Serial Number Required
  3. The existence of the Vendor Company on the invoice should be verified – if in doubt, the product should be received at the Company’s Address, or the Company should be requested and asked if the Invoice belongs to the company.
  4. Writing IMEI and Phone Brand Model on the invoice. Comparing the IMEI Bill on the device by typing *#06# on the device
  5. Questioning the existence of the Internet site, if it is taken over the Internet. Requesting the website address and verifying the website address, checking the user comments of other purchases on the site. In addition, verifying the purchase on the Site (It can be confirmed in the Purchased section of the user account from the site purchased) If the product is purchased, the brand and model should be compared. Requesting and requesting invoice printout.
  6. If it is an E-Invoice, the Invoice must be verified from this address .

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Signing the Sales Minute

  1. If the device is reliable, MUST AND MUST sign the transaction report from the seller. This MINUTE should be as follows. If the seller will not cause any problems, request a copy of the ID. ID’s photocopy should be written in capital letters to prevent copying, as it is GIVEN FOR PHONE SALE, not to misuse the ID.

Title; sales record

I Sold XXX Brand XXX Model XXX IMEI Phone to XXX Person with my own consent for XXX price.

Name Surname and SIGNATURE

by going under

I Bought XXX Brand XXX Model XXX IMEI Phone from XXX Person voluntarily at XXX Price.

Name Surname and SIGNATURE

This report should be kept if it is to protect both parties from legal liability that may arise in the future. If the device is under warranty And since it will be difficult to find the seller, since the IBAN and bank address of the invoice owner of the device are requested for a refund, a refund can be made to the new owner with this document.

The 5 items that I had selected above were only information about the invoice and accuracy of the product, now let’s move on to the device’s Controls.

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Device Controls

  1. First of all, Camera Control should be checked to see if there is a problem with the camera. In some camera malfunctions, green spots or blue spots appear when looked carefully. Behind the camera, that is, on the Camera Lens, it should be checked to see if there is dust and similar substances.
  2. Sound Check Any music should be turned on and sound health checked. Provide handset and microphone control.
  3. Display Health Generally, dead pixels are seen on LCD panels. In some cases, this is seen as faint white, and in some cases, the dot is seen as red. Screen health should be checked by opening a black and white page. At the same time, yellow stain, which we call Amoled burn, is seen on Amoled screens. If the device has an Amoled screen, it should definitely be checked whether there is an Amoled burn or not. A single yellow stain can cover the entire screen over time.
  4. Performance; In case of processor and RAM failures, the device usually turns itself off and on again. When we do not make these checks, you can get bored if there is a processor and RAM problem in the device. We can control the processor and RAM controls by playing games such as FIFA 2020, PUBG MOBILE, CALL OF DUTY Mobile with high graphics for 15-20 minutes. Since such games require High Graphics, if the device has a Processor and RAM failure, it will not be able to withstand such forces and the device will restart. If the device restarts during the game, you should suspect a processor and RAM failure and stay away from this device.
  5. Control of Case and Body; The safe should be carefully examined and checked for any drops or blows on the sides of the safe. In extreme impacts and falls, the outer appearance of the case becomes distorted, and the metal and plastic parts of the damage penetrate into it. If the device has been hit or dropped, it should be avoided. No one can guarantee what will happen to such devices. In addition, in cases of falls and impacts, some companies exclude the product from the scope of warranty and do not include it under warranty.
  6. Check if the device has been repaired before. If it is repaired, find out whether it is done at the Authorized Service or Market Technical Service. If it is in the authorized service, a technical service and repair report is required, request the technical service report.

Be you, do not buy any second hand product that leaves a question mark in your mind. You can leave a message in the comments section for your questions and problems.

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