Where to Find the PUBG Flare Gun?

Where to Find the PUBG Flare Gun? Many of our friends ask the question. When you shoot a PUBG flare in PUBG Mobile, a help package comes with you. This aid package includes the weapons and accessories you need. There are flares in some places, and these flares are usually located where the guns are most concentrated. When you come across these flare icons, you can get an aid package (Air Drop).

Where to Find the PUBG Flare Gun?

There are a total of 100 players in the PUBG Mobile game. When you kill any of these opponents, you can use their flares. The most important way to find flares for the PUBG Mobile game is to go to the area where the available weapons are most concentrated with the help of a map. In this way, you can encounter flares by controlling all the surrounding areas well.

You can explore game flares with the help of Erangel, Miramar and Savage maps. Whichever stage you are in, there is a map of PUBG cartridges on the map of that stage. The point to note is that many players head over to get these flares. You need to protect yourself from sudden attacks.

Features of PUBG Game Cartridges

There are both yellow and red colored flares in the PUBG Mobile game. The aid package that comes when you shoot with a yellow flare gun, includes a vest, helmet, bag and bullets. There are definitely 2 different weapons and bullets in every aid package.

There are two options in the red flare. In the first option, weapons and equipment can be delivered, in the other option, an armored vehicle can be sent as an aid package. The point you need to pay attention to is that you have to send the flare in the safe area, so you can get weapons and equipment.

Using the PUBG Flare Gun to Destroy Your Opponents

This is not useful when you want to beat your opponents with the PUBG flare in PUBG Mobile. Even shooting at opponents with the flare gun in the most accurate way does not affect the opponents. For this reason, you need to use PUBG flares, which you will get weapons, accessories and equipment when used correctly, only for AirDrops, which are aid packages.

Why Not Coming Aid From PUBG Flare Gun?

In PUBG Mobile, the aid package may not come when you fire the flare in the right area and in the right way. The main reason for this is that an opponent fires a flare at the same location right before you. The aid package is sent to him because he sent the flare before you. Another point you need to know is that if you cannot fire the flare, there is no bullet in it. You can use the flare by killing your opponents or finding ammo equipment.

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