Women’s Dress Emoji in Windows 10

It is possible to use the Women’s Dress emoji on computers with Windows 10 operating system, just like on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it is quite simple. You can use this Woman Dress emoji in Microsoft Word-Excel-PowerPoint , Notepad++ , WordPress , Notepad , Paint , Paint 3D etc. 

You can easily use it in applications and programs. But for the Woman Dress emoji to appear in color, the program you use must have colored software support. For example, the Woman Dress emoji can be written in color in Paint 3D, while it can be written in color in Paint 3D. Now let’s move on to illustrate how to write the Woman Dress emoji in Windows 10.

How to Write a Women’s Dress Emoji in Windows 10

1 – First, open the application or program where you want to write the Woman Dress emoji. (We will use the Paint 3D app.)

2 – Then “ Windows ” + “ . (dot) ” keys.

3 – This will open the emoji screen where you can use the Women’s Dress emoji .

4 – On this screen , click on the “ Celebrations and Objects ” section at the bottom of the screen and find the Woman Dress emoji. Thus, the Woman Dress emoji will be written in the application you open.

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That is all. If you know of other methods, please share with us.

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