13 The Best Mobile App Development Companies

Best Mobile App Development Companies – I recently opened an e-commerce site. Due to the increase in mobile shopping, I had to make a mobile application. 

Therefore, I was in the process of meeting with the companies and agencies that make the best mobile applications. During this process, I talked to many companies and especially looked at their references. 

If you want to reach your target audience easily, you should definitely have a mobile application made.

Regardless of the industry you serve, I definitely recommend you to have a mobile application. With a well-designed mobile application, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

You can also design mobile applications yourself. However, if you do not have enough experience and knowledge, your brand image may be damaged. For this reason, you should definitely choose agencies that make professional mobile applications.

13 The Best Mobile App Development Companies

You can choose companies or freelancers for your brand, site or application. However, I strongly recommend that you review his previous works. Otherwise, you can go through a tiring process both financially and morally. Below is a special list for you to choose the company or office that makes the best mobile application. If you’re ready, let’s start!


You can choose SolvePark in search of a professional and best mobile application company. SolvePark, THY, Eczacıbaşı, Acıbadem, TEB etc. manages to distinguish itself from its competitors with its strong references. 

Providing a hassle-free service, SolvePark allows you to have a fully working mobile application. In addition, it also provides services in different fields such as technology consultancy and digital marketing. In short, if you need a perfectly designed mobile app, SolvePark is one of the best options.


Egegen, which provides services in domestic and international areas with its offices in Izmir, Istanbul, Manisa and London, comes to the fore with the strong communication it establishes with its customers. 

In this way, you can instantly solve all your questions before and after the project and you can contact a consultant that you can reach at any time. Egegen, which has signed hundreds of projects, ensures that your mobile application stays connected to current technologies with the principle of continuous improvement.

Click here to visit Egegen website !


Türk Telekom subsidiary İnnova is an important alternative for your search for the best mobile application company. With its giant staff of 1400+ people, the latest technological solutions and more than 20 years of experience, it manages to strengthen every sector. 

Innova, which has accomplished successful works in mobile application development, meets expectations with its domestic and international projects. With Innova, you can have a professional, fast and reliable mobile application.

Visit the Innova website here !


If you are looking for the company that makes the Best Mobile App Development Companies for your e-commerce site, you can choose Ticimax. Ticimax offers an innovative and flawless mobile application advantage for e-commerce platforms. Thanks to native application solutions, you can increase your e-commerce sales and stay ahead of your competitors. Opmar Optical, Dusty, Avva etc. Many important brands prefer Ticimax team for mobile application.

Wook Web

Wook Web, which started its operations in 2008, stands out with its expert and dynamic team. Wook Web, which differs from its competitors with its extraordinary ideas among the Best Mobile App Development Companies options, offers personalized and corporate options. 

Wook Web, one of the leading names in the sector, develops mobile applications for every sector. He works in many different areas from news to entertainment, from games to food applications.

Wook Web, click here to view the website !

Interactive Software

Interactive Software, known for its fast infrastructure and professional work, has an important place among the companies that make the best mobile applications. Interactive Software will make it easier for you to achieve success thanks to mobile applications prepared in line with your needs and target audience. 

The company, which has been serving for a long time, works in a wide area from health to news, from marketing to personnel tracking software. You can also get an online offer from Interactive Software.

Check out the Interactive Software website here !

Flat art

Another name you can choose for target-oriented works and a perfect mobile application is Flatart. Flatart is one of the most successful offices in web and mobile development. 

Continuing to work with Turkey’s biggest brands, Flatart offers solutions to strengthen your digital presence. On the other hand, SEO, social media marketing etc. continues its activities in the fields.

Visit the Flatart website here !

North study

With the mobile-oriented Studio Nord, you can have your dream app. Studio Nord, Axa, MedicalPark, Akbank, A101 etc. proves its success with its references. I must also say that it is one of the most awarded agencies. 

Studio Nord has an important place in the list of companies that make the Best Mobile App Development Companies with its strong infrastructure and innovative solutions. If you are looking for an application for Android and IOS devices that works smoothly and affects your target audience, I recommend contacting Studio Nord.

Digital Exchange

Drawing attention with its experienced team and personalized solution understanding, Digital Exchange may be the last stop in your search for the best mobile application company. With Digital Exchange, you can strengthen not only the mobile application, but also the digital face of your brand. 

It also provides services in areas such as marketing, branding and SEO. If you want to have a professional and cost-effective mobile application, Digital Exchange is one of the best options.

Click now to reach the Digital Exchange website !


One of the companies that makes the Best Mobile App Development Companies for different sectors is appwoX. appwoX provides services in many areas from message applications to travel applications, from games to e-commerce applications. 

Combining its long years of experience with the latest technology trends, appwoX develops applications for IOS and Android devices. The fact that the company only provides services in this field also ensures that quality works are produced.

Visit the appwoX website here !

Static Software

Izmir-based Statik Yazılım takes its place in the list of companies that make the best mobile applications. Statik Yazılım has succeeded in providing customer satisfaction with the projects it has developed specifically for individuals and companies. It is also one of the first choices of people who want to have a cost-effective mobile application. It also offers its customers a versatile service with its works on internet advertising, corporate identity and e-commerce.

Click here to view Statik Yazılım website !

Toz Soft

One of the mobile application developers you can choose for Android, IOS and Windows Phone applications is Toz Soft. Based in Istanbul, Toz Soft is an important alternative for those who are looking for an economical and best mobile application company. It is also used for content management, internet advertising, software, etc. You can also contact Toz Soft on many issues.

Click now to visit Toz Soft website !

Cyber İstanbul

Cyber ​​Istanbul, which stands out with its innovative solutions, is among the pioneers of the sector with its experience of more than 10 years. With Cyber ​​Istanbul, you can have a professional experience in mobile application or mobile game design. It should also be noted that it has advantages such as 24/7 communication, low cost and high security. Cyber ​​Istanbul manages to satisfy its customers while providing a professional service for every sector.

Access the Cyber ​​Istanbul website here !

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