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23 Best Offline Games for Android in 2021

Best Offline Games for Android – Google Play offers hundreds of Android games that you can play without internet. We’ve picked some of the best titles available from endless running, combat, strategy, RPG and more games guaranteed to provide hours of offline fun! Also watch the trailer of each game to understand more about the gameplay and find out… Read More »

The 12 PS4 Exclusive Games You Urgently Need to Play

All consoles have their unique games. As all current generation platforms are quite similar in terms of hardware , these titles end up being responsible for attracting gamers. If you’re thinking about buying a PlayStation 4, for example, but have doubts if that’s right, you need to know what Sony’s pup can offer you in terms of games . To save you the research,… Read More »

Are US banning gamer PCs from the country? not quite

This week, several international and Brazilian press vehicles reported that the US had begun to ban gamer PCs in six states across the country, due to high energy consumption. Not quite: the US government is not going to break into homes and seize computers while people are playing games. The idea, in fact, is to encourage PC makers to sell… Read More »

How To Improved Cover Up Sensitivity No Free Fire 2021

In this article we show in a few steps how to have better sensitivity in the Free Fire game on android to go up the cover. Free Fire is one of the most played games today. Garena’s game attracted a legion of fans around the world. Therefore, a dispute was created in several regions to see who does the best in the game.… Read More »

Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings 2021!

Power up with the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings, don’t forget to adjust these settings for the best sight and camera controls of 2021. Players who change their settings are said to play much better by a noticeable margin. So what are these sensitivity settings, let’s see together! What Do PUBG Sensitivity Settings Do? PUBG is one of the most… Read More »

How To Change Valorant Username (Nickname)?

Introduced by Riot Games to the users’ liking, Valorant gained a large player base in a short time. The majority of this audience is made up of people who do not have much expectation in terms of the quality of the game. Although this is the case, the game’s performance above expectations in terms of both graphics and gameplay created… Read More »

Earning PUBG Mobile Character Coupon [2021]

You can earn PUBG Mobile Character Coupons for free with the techniques we provide. Unlock new characters thanks to coupons in 2021. Methods to Earn Character Coupons, which will work for all PUBG Mobile lovers, are actively working. You can have expensive and beautiful characters from each other at no cost. 100 people are put on a plane and forced to jump on an island. Players landing on a part… Read More »

Best 21 played online games in the world in 2021

The number of active players in a game can vary widely each year. For this list, we turn to platforms like Steam and the developers’ websites to find out which are some of the best played and popular online games in the world in 2021 . We collect relevant data such as the approximate estimate of active players and the number of registered… Read More »

Best 27 Ultra-league Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

The Pokémon GO Ultra-League has undergone many changes with the update that raised the maximum level to 50. Many good Pokémon in the Great League who had no way of playing in the 2500 league have now gained a CP boost that allows them to face up to Registroel , Giratinas and others. Check out the updated list of… Read More »

Pokémon GO: 15 best Pokémon to win in the Ultra League

The debut of Ultra Liga in the 2nd season of Liga de Batalha GO should happen this Monday, 1st of June. However, already turn on the warning signal: it won’t be at 5 pm (GMT) as usual, because Niantic will bring down the Pokémon GO servers on a global level for maintenance. Niantic ‘s technical work is scheduled to take place between 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm (Brasília time). Therefore, during this period… Read More »